Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

The reason I have named my first post the above is this, the 100th episode of Bones, which I watched last night. Also the title sounds fancy. Heehee! I text my sister while I was watching it as she has already seen all of season 5 and she instructed me to take a picture of my reaction to it, which may sound strange to some of you but to me was completely normal. So in an effort to get out of the way any inhibitions I may have regarding this whole process I am posting this picture as my first. Please excuse the quality as it was taken with the 2MP camera on my phone.

Yes, that is a Million Dead t-shirt (not mine)

I am still undecided as to what I will write about here. I have been a follower of a lot of Fashion related blogs this past year, some of my favourites being Lulu Letty, Casey's Musings, Vixen Vintage and Cupcakes and Cashmere to name but a few. I love what these women do and I look forward to reading about their lives every day. Having said that, I haven't got the dedication to fashion that they have and therefore my blog will be about my life in general (for now anyway).

I will confess from the start that I am an avid watcher of television and films and listener of all kinds of music, so I will be posting about these things quite a bit I'm sure.
I am currently watching among others Justified, Millenium, Reno 911! season 6 and Bones of course.
I am currently listening to Beach House Teen Dream, The Smiths (Everything) and She and Him Volume Two.

So that is all from me for tonight. I am going to go watch Millenium with my boyfriend. I hope tranny/woman/devil is in it!

Hope whoever is reading this has a lovely evening!

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