Thursday, June 3, 2010

Burgers, Ice Cream, Coffee and Explosions

I can't believe it's almost Friday! This week has flown by. I had an action packed day today. I am very blessed with the hours I have in work. I get off every day at 12.30 and I have weekends free too! I am so grateful because it allows me to enjoy the majority of the day, which is extra great during the summer months. Today was a lovely sunny day and quite warm too, a little too warm for me maybe. I'm not accustomed to temperatures higher than 22 ish degrees, but I shant complain as these days do not last very long.

I went to Stephen's Green after work and listened to some Talking Heads while I waited for my BF to meet me. I hadn't people watched in a while so that was nice. I saw a cute little kid eating a sandwich with his mother and he would take a bite of the bread and then break off a piece and throw it at the pigeons. It reminded me of my first foreign holiday to France when I was 9 and my dad, my sister and I climbed to the top of Notre Dame while my mam and younger brother stayed on the plaza below (he was only 2 so he couldn't come with us). He was eating a bag of crisps and the pigeons started flocking over to him to eat his the crumbs he kept dropping, then one impatient pigeon decided he wasn't happy with crumbs and flew onto my brothers knee to get a better snack right from the packet. It was so cute! Although I really don't like pigeons, they're so gross, which is probably why I never really go into Stephen's Green, it's always swarming with them!

We met our friend for lunch in Gourmet Burger Kitchen. They do a great deal where you can get a burger for €5 between 2pm and 5pm. They're so good! I got the Mexican because I was craving avocado. We got 99s with sprinkles for dessert and then sat in the park in Dublin Castle for a little while. It's my favourite park in the city because it's very secluded and small and clean and most importantly pigeonless!

Side of Fries

With Garlic Dip


Dublin Castle

I met my friend in the evening for coffee and cheesecake. I hadn't seen her in ages so it was great to catch up. I've known her since I was born, we grew up together and we always have so much fun when we see eachother which unfortunately isn't often enough. My sister joined us and we all chatted for 3 hours! It didn't feel like it at all, I think that's the sign of a great friendship. Afterward, my friend and I went to see her BF's band play in Whelans. I hadn't seen a really loud band play in a long time, probably since the Pixies last September, so it was a real treat.

So that was my Thursday. I think I'll wait until Saturday or Sunday for my next post, but who knows, I could be inspired before then!

I hope your day was as good as mine,

Lovies Emmie xoxo

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