Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flowers and Power Ballads

That's right, I'm listening to power ballads. I find them comforting, I don't know why, it's a bit strange. Particularly this;


So today I had a frustrating day at work. It seems that my employers are doing everything in their power to make our work environment as difficult as possible to work in. I think they actually want us all to quit so that they can hire an army of robots whom they can mould into the perfect unopinionated employees. I've decided I'm not going to stand by anymore and keep my mouth shut when things need to be said, because honestly, it appears that you can do anything in there and not be fired, which is such a sad state of affairs. I really don't like complaining about work because it pays the rent and in fairness I only work 20 hours a week so I'm really hardly there at all. I love the girls I work with and if it wasn't for them I don't think I could handle it. My hope for the future is to find a job I enjoy and to work for people I respect, or work for myself, that would be even better!

Enough of that talk! Today I received a lovely pair of giant daisy earring in the mail from ebay. They are hand made by Lucy's Lockets. The quality isn't great but having said that they're very inexpensive so if they break it's not a huge loss, but I just though they were really cute and quite 60s. So in order to show them off I made myself up all 60s and took some pictures. I also used the fake eyelashes I posted about last week, they're huge!

This was my inspiration for the look, but I think my eyelashes were too big to see the eyeliner.

Photo Credit: Here

I like how the shadow of the flowers from the curtains are on my face. That was a complete accident, I'm not that clever. Heehee!

What do you think of my effort at 60s make-up? It's a different look for me, I'd never normally wear nude lipstick but I liked it a lot.

I love my daisy earrings! I must count how many pairs I have, that'll be another (long) post!
Wow, I just realised tomorrow is Friday, what a relief! My boyfriend and I are planning a picnic for Saturday but we're not sure where to go yet, I think somewhere coastal would be nice. I'll let you know how that goes, hopefully the nice sunny weather will keep.

I hope you're all having a lovely week whatever you may be doing. Until next time..

Em xoxo

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