Friday, September 17, 2010

Winter Wishlist

Everyone seems to be getting their Autumn/Winter wishlists in these days so I figured I'd get mine in too. It's a pretty mixed bag of things some of which I've been meaning to buy the past 2 months but I always spend all my wages on other boring things before I get around to it. Here are my picks;

We Bag To Differ from Modcloth

Yellow Satchel from River Island

Tassel Box Bag from Topshop

Limited Collection Lace Up Boots from Marks and Spencer

Limited Collection Contrast Panel Boots from Marks and Spencer

Brown Lace Up Brogue Ankle Boots from River Island

Brown Leather Slip On Loafers from River Island

Dark Red Suede Brogues from River Island

Sweetie Pie Socks from Modcloth

Knee High Socks from Marks and Spencer

The Bates Coat in Garnet from Modcloth

Limited Collection Pea Coat from Marks and Spencer

Cardigan from Urban Outfitters

Touch of Vanilla Cardigan from Modcloth

Olive or Nothing Jacket from Modcloth

Recently Promoted Dress from Modcloth

Oversized Duck Print Tee from Topshop


Fontaine Blouse from Monsoon



What do you think of my choices? What's the thing you want most on your Winter Wishlist?

TGIF! I'm off this week so I hope to get more posts in than last week!

Have a lovely evening,

Emma xxx

1 comment:

  1. I definitely would buy:
    The first Modcloth bag (WOW! The color combination!)
    The contrast panel boots (my style!)
    The Pea Coat (wonderful)
    The Modcloth dress (TO DIE FOR! I love it!).


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