Sunday, January 30, 2011

Only Girl (In The World)

I wanted to show you some of the things I've bought recently.


I got these 2 scarves and Urban Outfitters sunglasses in a charity shop during the week.






Giant Brushed Heart Stud Earrings
(all jewellery from


Donnacha got me this Mad Men book for Christmas. The illustrations are really great, it's such a cute book. It has cocktail recipes and tips for hair and make up. I recommend it to any of you guys who love Mad Men








How awesome are these Revlon and Max Factor ads?






If you know me you'll know how much I love all things Moomin so I had to buy these when I saw them. They're so cute and have really nice thoughts in them!


This is one of my favourite sentiments from the Snufkin book


I love all these Taschen books, they're great references to have.


I love these shoes!



This is the second Dave Eggers book I've bought. I want to start reading them soon. I'm terrible for concentrating on reading so I have to make myself do it!


Grace Kelly was my Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I don't know why but I've always just loved her. She was so beautiful and talented and seemed like a lovely lady. My mam had a book about her when I was a kid and I loved looking at all her beautiful dresses in it.



She was always dressed so immaculately. I love those sunglasses!


I had to buy this when I saw it on sale. The drawings and paintings are adorable!


What do you think of my new books? I'm a very visual person so I much prefer books like these with visuals.

You may have noticed my photos are bigger than usual. I spent part of today working on a Flickr account and decided it was time I made my photos larger. Hope you like it!

I went to my friend's house last night for his birthday party. We danced until 5.30am, it was so much fun! I hope you're having a lovely weekend. I didn't get to take outfit photos this weekend but I should have two this week!

I love this song;

Friday, January 28, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

The lovely Kerry McBride of My Orange Stillettos awarded me and six other bloggers with a Stylish Blogger Award this week!

It's so nice to know the even one person reads what you write and likes it enough to acknowledge you like that, so thank you very much Kerry!

So as per the rules of the award I must link back to the person who gave the award, tell you guys seven things about myself and award seven recently discovered bloggers and contact them to inform them they have been awarded.

So here are seven things you may probably don't know about me;

1. I am the eldest of four children. I have a 22 year old sister, and two brothers aged 16 and 13.

2. Growing up I wanted to be a forensic pathologist and an astronaut. I'm still working on that ;)

3. The first film I saw in the cinema was The Little Mermaid. It's still one of my favourite films!

4. I am constantly putting on different accents. I used to really annoy my mother by speaking in different accents all the time. One of my favourites is the south London accent (Michael Caine, David Bowie, Gary Oldman).

5. I love to sing. I sing every day, but never in public. I find it so frustrating when I'm listening to my ipod when I'm walking to work or on public transport and I can't sing along to what I'm listening to. Also in relation to the accents thing I'm quite adept at imitating peoples singing voices which makes it hard for people to tell what my actual voice sounds like.

6. My favourite band since my early teens is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I adore John Frusciante.

7. The only time I've ever been in an ambulance was when I dislocated my knee on a train when I was 14 and had to wear a brace for three weeks. My knees haven't been the same since.

Now to award seven lovely ladies;

1. Roisin Muldoon of Dolly Clackett for her amazing dresses and the cutest shoes!

2. Amber of Amber Blue Bird. She wears the cutest outfits!

3. Cayce of Madame Joy. She has the most gorgeous hair and wears clothes so beautifully.

4. Gertrude of Bows and Pearls. She has great style and beauty advice and the cutest accessories!

5. Sarah of My Republic of Fashion. A fellow Irish blogger, Sarah is a lover of fashion and glamour and pretty dresses.

6. Leanne of Ramble On. Leanne is a gorgeous girl who loves all things pin up and vintage.

7. Daniela of 1st Days of Spring. I love Daniela's make up and style (and her red hair too).

I look forward to reading seven things about these seven ladies!

I went to my friend's zine launch last night with my new charity shop scarf in my hair and 60s inspired make up. I was a bit giddy!

I hope you have a great weekend! More from me tomorrow!

Em xx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Want...

...a golden goose! and these would be nice too;

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

I get paid on Friday and I'll be buying a couple of these pieces. You'll have to wait to see which ones!

I went charity shopping on Monday and got some nice things which I'll show you tomorrow. I also bought some books. I really need to start reading more. It's a difficult task for someone who has such a short attention span.

I'm excited to be off work next week. I'll be going out for dinner and drinks with the ladies I work with on Friday evening, hopefully a great start to a great weeks holidays!

I hope you all are having a lovely week! What's on your payday wishlist?

Em x

Monday, January 24, 2011

If I Had A Heart

I went to see The King's Speech on Friday night and Love and Other Drugs on Saturday. The former was really great. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. Colin Firth is so good in it, as is Geoffrey Rush! We also went to a screening of a film Donnacha was Director of Photography on in the Lighthouse cinema in Smithfield on Saturday afternoon. We caught up with some of our college classmates which was really nice.

Today I met one of my best friends for lunch after work. We hadn't seen eachother since before Christmas so we had to exchange gifts. Here's what she got me;

They're all from Topshop apart from the Elephant which is from Vero Moda. I love them all! They're perfect gifts for me!

When I got home my Delightful Dozen calender was waiting for me! I ordered it before Christmas ans I've been holding off buying the half price ones I've seen around at the moment and I'm glad I did because it's really great. All the profits from the calendars are going to NEDA the National Eating Disorder Association so not only do you get a lovely stylish calendar, but also you get the satisfaction of helping this great cause!

My Birthday Month with Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky

I forgot to show you these the other day, the Black Swan postcards I got free in the cinema.

I also snagged this Blue Valentine one on Saturday in the Lighthouse.

I've been loving Fever Ray ever since I heard their cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

With Scarves of Red Tied 'Round Their Throats

These are my last set of photos from our trip to Cork. I found this river when I was out walking and went back to the house to get Donnacha because I wanted him to see it so we took some impromtu photos as it was too great a location to pass up. The water was so loud and fast, I was kinda scared standing on the river bank. I took off my headphones after the second photo but I thought I'd show you a photo of me wearing them anyway because I'm always wearing them when I'm walking around Dublin if I'm on my own and it's something you haven't seen me wearing here before. I'm also wearing one of my favourite scarves!

make avatar

My second gif! Do you like how the water behind me is moving!

Here's the contents of the package Katie sent us. It was such an awesome package, she wrapped everything up in cute wrapping paper and newspaper which I loved and sent us brochures about events in Nashville in an attempt to tempt us over there. We'd be over in a flash if we had a spare grand lying around! :(

Here's my 2011 PaperBlanks Diary I got in Chapters the other day, I also went pen shopping (I have a bit of an obsession!) and got a gorgeous black fountain pen that writes so smoothly. I've already written my blogging schedule for February into it.

I made the most delicious salad for lunch today. It had baby spinach leaves, toasted almonds (which I made myself), celery, yellow peppers, tomato, avocado and red onion with honey mustard dressing. Me and Kate ate the leftovers for dinner when she got back from work (She's working on the maternity ward on placement for college for 9 months and stays with us some nights because she has to get up super early). Last night she and her fiancé Eric came over and I made us nachos and ravioli for dinner and we watched two documentaries, one was called Catfish and the other was called Confessions of a Superhero. Both were really interesting stories, I recommend taking a look if you're into that kind of thing!

Can't believe tomorrow is Friday already! Only one more week til I have more holidays! The NBC shows are back tonight so I'm really looking forward to watching them after work tomorrow. We're going on a double date to see The King's Speech tomorrow night too so I'll let you know what I think.

Have a great Friday!

This is a great music video and song;

Em xx

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