Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Wonderful You

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you are having a lovely day whether you celebrate this sacred holiday or not. Hehe! I had a lovely lunch with my friends today (and my Valentine) and we went to see Paul and True Grit (So romantic!). True Grit was amazing! It's worth a watch for Jeff Bridges performance alone, but the young actress Hailee Steinfeld who plays the main character Mattie Ross really stole the show as far as I was concerned. For an actress that young to hold their own against the always incredible Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and to a lesser extent Josh Brolin is remarkable and she thoroughly deserves all the award nominations she's received for the role. Here's hoping she stays on the right track with her life and career because judging from this performance she's just at the beginning of a potentially great career as an actress. (Oh and I totally want a hat like the one Mattie wore in the film!)

Paul was great too. I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together and I was really looking forward to this. It's great to see them working with some of the best American comedic actors too (Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig and Jason Bateman), hopefully if Paul does well they'll get to make more films with their US counterparts.

So here are my Valentine's outfit photos. We took them in a different part of the Iveagh gardens to where we took the last ones. There's a whole other part we have yet to explore. You may or may not notice my hair is a different colour. I got tired of the faded red colour with 2 inch roots so I went for a mahogany red colour from Garnier Herbashine. It's a semi-permanent colour so I don't have to fully commit to it. Having said that I'm liking it more and more every day.
























The fur coat is the one my granny gave me at Christmas. It's faux beaver fur, she has a full length real mink fur coat too but I told her I didn't think I had the guts to pull that off! This one is great though it's so warm so I figured I should get it in some photos before the weather gets warmer. My lipstick is Rimmel 'Heartbreaker', my blouse is from New Look (do you like the little hearts on it?), the earrings are from Accessorize, the brogues and skirt are from Marks and Spencers, the tights are from Penneys, the bag is Coach from ebay and the beautiful headband is from Alexandra Grecco. I absolutely love the headband, it's so beautifully made, I can't wait to buy something else from her shop. It would make a great gift too! Alexandra has just added new hair accessories to her Etsy shop today and they are so gorgeous, I'm thinking of getting one to wear for my sister's wedding. Also check out her awesome blog if you get a chance!

I'll leave you with this song;


  1. Hi, Emma! I saw the trailer for True Grit. It looks awesome and I plan to see it soon. Thanks for the mini review. You look smashing in this set of photos and I'm happy to know that you and yours had a nice Valentine's day. Have a wonderful week as well!

  2. heya!

    you have an adorable style! I love red lipstick :)


  3. Mmkay, stumbling onto your blog and only looking at a few of your 'fashion-related' posts, I want to steal your wardrobe already. Haha.

    Great outfit!


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