Sunday, March 20, 2011

Black and Nude

I got my other Alexandra Grecco things in the post last week. I got The Magic Petit Puff in Black and the Medium Helena Bow in Nude. The Magic Petit Puff comes in black and champagne and the Medium Helena Bow comes in yellow, black, nude ivory and teal so far. I didn't get these for any special occasion, but now I'm thinking of wearing the bow in my hair for my sister's wedding. I've found the dress I want to wear, I'm getting it made to order by a dress maker on etsy (hopefully) and I've also found the shoes I want to wear so I can't wait to show you what they all look like! Check out Alexandra's etsy shop if you get a chance, she has some gorgeous Spring accessories at the moment!






I wanted to show you one of my favourite nail polishes at the moment. It's by a German brand called Catrice and it's called 'Clay-ton My Hero'. It's sort of a taupe/mink colour. Catrice are a great brand for inexpensive nail polishes and cosmetics in general, I haven't tried any of their make up yet but their nail lacquers are really great, the colours are amazing. I have blood red, silver and mauve colours too which I'll show you at some stage. I'm a bit obsessed with Nail Polish at the moment!

Also I died my hair again last week with L'oréal Casting Creme Gloss in Amber. I really love how the colour turned out, it's sort of an auburn colour because my hair is naturally medium brown so obviously it didn't turn out exactly Amber. You can see the colour really well in the photos above, it's a semi-permanent so it only lasts about 8 weeks, but that's as long as I care to commit to a colour right now!

Hope you're having a great weekend, Donnacha will be home soon and I can't wait to see him!

Emma xx


  1. That bow is stunning! And your is hair is really vibrant and shiny. :) SarahD

  2. i puffy heart that hair bow, its so cute and of course I love that hair color :)

  3. you have such a knack for pulling off hair bows and hair apparatuses in general! absolutely stunning! i have an abnormally small head and look quite ridiculous with any attachment on my head. hats included. sad but true story.
    you look smashing!!!

  4. AAAAAAA Oh my goodness I love love love love this bow! So cute so cute so cute! I know this may just bring out the nerd in me but I love Sailor Moon and it kind of reminds me of them! I love this You are so very very pretty! I saw that you commented on a blog I follow (Lulu Letty), and decided to check out your blog! I’m glad I did! I just started following today! I'm a new blogger and need all the support to get some new followers! If you could follow back that would be cooler than wooden platforms!

  5. Oh my goodness. Those bows are so very lovely! I adore Alexandra Grecco. This post may just convince me to buy some of her things for myself as well! xoxo

  6. I really like both of the hair accessories! But I'm absolutely in love with the nail polish. What kind of stores can you find it at, or did you have to order it online?

  7. Thanks for commenting Emma! I soooooo look forward to future posts from you:)

  8. I love that bow, it's such a lovely colour!! The net puff looks wonderful too :D

  9. 1. Love your hair accessories!
    2. I want to dye my hair @ home as well but am so worried about it looking awful

    Any advice?

    love from SF,


  10. Your hair accessories are wonderful, especially loving the color of the bow!!! :)

    The Cat Hag

  11. Emma, you are so photogenic. You look absolutely stunning in those photos - I know I should have been focusing on the fascinators, but you're just so pretty! The fascinators are gorgeous - it's so nice to find something so unusual and handmade. I look forward to seeing the dress you're having made at some point in the future too.


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