Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Fashion and Décor Fair 17/04/11

Last Sunday I went out to the Vintage Fair in Dun Laoghaire for the second time with Donnacha, my mam and my brother. The boys wandered around the pier in Dun Laoghaire while my mam and I explored the fair. I was lucky enough to win two complimentary passes in a competition on the Vintage Ireland Facebook page ( thank you once again), so I went along even though I couldn't really afford to buy anything (which I did anyway). We got there just in time for the best dressed competition in which a lot of beautifully dresses ladies won some lovely prizes (including a trip to the next Vintage Fair in Galway and vintage goodie bags). It made me definitely want to make more of an effort the next time I go, it's such a great excuse to just get super dressed up in all my vintage stuff and not get stared at (which I hate) or at least get stared at for a good reason.

Please excuse the angle of the photos, I couldn't really move from where I was, but you get the idea of most of the outfits!



I really wanted to get this headpiece for a wedding I'm going to this Summer but it was rather pricey so I'm going to look for a replica


This girl won one of the best dressed prizes, I'm not sure what age she was but it's really great to see someone so young embracing vintage style!




This lady won a prize too



This lady won first prize, her outfit was a mixture of her mother's and grandmother's clothes and other vintage pieces, I thought the binoculars were a nice touch!



This outfit was definitely my favourite, it's just so colourful and the girl's hair and make-up were immaculate up close!


This lady's hair was amazing!



How awesome is this guy's outfit? He won best dressed male. The guys really made an effort too which was great to see


This was another favourite of mine, she had pearl bows on the back of the ankles of her tights!


The button's on this guys shirt were tiny guitars!


I fell in love with this Wedding dress! It's so beautiful!




Finally, my only purchase of the day. I wanted to get one of these the last time and I didn't so I made sure to get one this time. I'm not sure how I'll wear it yet but I'm hoping to show it off properly soon!

Do you like my key necklace? It's made it with one of the keys I got from Creative Elements on Etsy.

So which outfit would you have picked as the winner? There were so many other impeccably dressed women and men there, but I think a lot of them were too shy to enter, that's probably an Irish thing, Irish people generally don't like standing out too much.

Hope you're having a great weekend! We're in Donnacha's parent's house for Easter. Enjoy your chocolate eggs! (if you take part in the tradition)

Emma x


  1. Aw those dresses are so cute! I really LOVE the one with the straw hat and the picture underneath that one.

  2. Your favorite is also mine, Emma. The brunette girl in the dress with yellow roses most closely resembles the young ladies that I admired in my youth. You are a lovely lady, Emma, and I hope you enter the competition next year. Have a wonderful Easter, dear friend!

  3. Oh my goodness, so hard to pick a fave. Honestly I find all of these looks just gorgeous. I love the make up & hair, the clothes -SO inspiring. Hope your having a fabulous weekend. xx veronika

  4. the red headpiece is amazing.

  5. This reminds me of when I used to work at a museum for 4.5 years. We did historical fashion shows as special events every few months and I always got to dress up in the neatest, authentic period clothing from all sorts of different eras. I got to wear everything from victorian gowns, WWII Rosie the Riveter, 20s flapper dresses, Edwardian Tea dresses. They don't make things like they used to! Love these photos :) was a nice trip down memory lane for me!


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