Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday My Jack

This day in 1997, my little brother Jack Neil Joseph was born. He's not so little anymore and on his 14th birthday is as tall as me (5'9"). I remember the day he was born was a sunny day, we were in Skerries with our family while my dad was in the hospital with my mam. We were in my aunt and uncle's car with our cousins outside a shop in Skerries and another one of our cousins waved at us to pull over and told us we had a baby brother. Of course Kate and I wanted a little sister but as soon as we met the baby we didn't care anymore. He didn't have a name for days and my parents couldn't decide what to call him until one day we were driving in the car and I suggested the name Jack. It is the perfect name for him, he is definitely a Jack.

When our brother Jordan was born three years earlier it was a big deal because he was the first baby since my sister was born in 1988 and he was also the first son which means my parents have always had a soft spot for him no matter what he does. I'll be completely honest here, you can't choose your family and unfortunately just because they are your family it doesn't mean you have to like or even love them. I haven't had a relationship with Jordan for the past three years or so, he chose a path that was destructive and hurt my parents and in turn my sister, my brother and I. He still lives at home with my parents and Jack but I don't really ever see him or talk to him. I feel bad for him because Kate, Jack and I get along so well and have so much in common. He doesn't realise what he's missing out on by not having a relationship with us. Jordan has been different ever since he was a baby and he just always will be. Jack is more gentle and caring and a different type of person.

At this stage it would take a huge turn around in his personality, attitude and behaviour for me to let him back into my life. Otherwise I can't see myself ever inviting him to my wedding or being an uncle to any children I may have or just being my brother.

I'm so lucky that I have a brother and a sister I get along so well with and share so many common interests with. We're all music, film and Tv nerds and we're all a bit weird, but that's ok :)

Yesterday Kate and I brought Jack out for lunch and to see Thor in the cinema (which was a lot better than I had expected). Happy Birthday Jack!

Here are some photos of my baby brother and I;








What do you think about you siblings? Have you ever had any issues similar to mine?

On a happier note my mam is gradually doing better and I just want to thank you all for your such lovely comments and thoughts, I know my mam really appreciates it, as do I!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a much needed girls night out with my friends from work on Friday which was a lot of fun (and a lot of Long Island Iced Teas)!

It's officially Summer!

Emma x


  1. cute pictures! Happy bday to him xxx

  2. Hi, Emma, and happy birthday, Jack! By coincidence my granddaughter turns 14 this Thursday. You and your brother both look adorable at every stage. It makes me sad, however, to learn that you are estranged from Jordan. I can relate to it somewhat. I have always wished for a closer relationship with my brother but we are from different worlds and rarely feel comfortable around each other. So glad you mam's doing better. Have a fine week, dear friend!

  3. awe:) you are so sweet! Happy birthday to your little brother! I have 4 sisters 2 brothers and I'm the youngest of all 7. I love them all deep (DEEP) down:)

  4. happy birthday, jack! my (big) brother's birthday is wednesday! :) we have a good relationship...aside from the usual brother sister love/hate relationship. we are only 15 months apart so we have always battled over friends and dating each other's friends and such.
    although i don't have a strained relationship with my brother my boyfriend's mom has a similar dynamic with her brother (based on things he has done to harm himself and the family) but her mother continues to support him and see's no wrong in him. it's dad, really.
    i am sorry to hear about your brother but glad to see your other siblings and you have a wonderful relationship!

  5. haha! i meant it's sad...not dad! i hate typos! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this Emma. You're absolutely right, you can't choose your family.

    My sister and I have taken a good few years to get to a point where we can socialise without screaming at eachother, but even now it feels like the slightest thing can set her off and we'll be back to hatred. It is even worse between her and my older brother, they basically ignore eachother's existence and have done so for as long as I can remember (they are 25 and 27).

    Luckily I do get along with my two brothers, but feel sad to be missing out on a strong relationship with my only sister.

    Families are tough, but I'm glad to hear that even if one relationship is difficult you still have two other siblings who you really connect with. It's important to remember though, there's always friends, who are the family you can choose!

  7. aw happy birthday to your brother! i am sorry to hear about your relationship with your other brother-that is really unfortunate. great post, i am happy to learn something deep about a fellow blogger! :)

  8. Happy happy birthday to your brother!!!Lovely pictures, you look a great family!!!


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