Monday, June 20, 2011

Forbidden Fruit- Sunday 5/6/11

Once again my intentions to post this were thwarted over the weekend because Donnacha was admitted to hospital on Friday evening and is still there. He is getting lots and lots of tests on his eyes and blood, a CT scan, Chest X-ray and an MRI. It's a good thing I'm rewatched ER because now I know what all these things are. I know he's not in any pain but I just feel so bad for him and so helpless. He may not be discharged until Wednesday, but it could be tomorrow so we can't make any plans. I've been out visiting him every day as have his parents, my parents and brother and his friends but he's still very restless and bored because he's used to being busy. 

I just have to keep in mind that it's easier to figure out what's wrong with him when he's being monitored regularly and hopefully they can get to the bottom of it and treat him. 

Here are the photos from day two of Forbidden Fruit. They're all taken by me apart from the last one which was taken by Peter the photographer. 


Katie and Jean having a chat with one of the band's buses in the background



The winner of the NCAD  (National College of Art and Design) competition that Dave and Katie judged



An interview with Not Squares who I'm loving at the moment




Yes, the interview was in the back of a van :)


Not Squares Live



Solar Bears Live




We had a great night on Sunday night and went to an afterparty in The Button Factory after the festival was over. Here's the post I wrote for the Cock and Bull Blog and there's more photos on the Cock and Bull facebook page. You can also add me on facebook here to see what I'm up to day to day. 

Hope you're having a better week than me! I'm trying to stay positive about everything! I'm also editing my first video for the blog so watch this space. 

Here's one of the interview/performance videos from the festival. You can see my lovely hand modelling at the start!

Emma x


  1. Well, I am very sorry to know that Donnacha is ailing, Emma. My thoughts and prayers are with the two of you. I have a youthful spirit and I know that I always will. When I read about your adventures, look at photos of places you've been and listen to the music that you enjoy, every cell in my body comes alive as well. Young people today are making it happen just as they did in my day and I often wish that I was starting all over again. I truly hope that your week soon takes a turn for the better, dear friend!

  2. Oh Emma, I'm so sorry to hear Donnacha is ill. You must be very scared and my best thoughts and wishes are with you both. If love and care can help you've got a lot of readers rooting for you. On another note, it's funny to see the photos of Not Squares, I kind of know one of the lads, having gone to school with his aunt. That makes me sound ancient but she's actually younger than he is. Small world though!

  3. Poor Donnacha! I hope they are able to found out what is making him sick. The worst part is not knowing and having to get all those tests done. Fingers crossed its nothing serious. Get well soon!

  4. These are so cool!!!
    I hope Donnacha gets better soon!

  5. Lovely pictures. Sending lot's of get well wishes to Donnacha, fingers crossed they get to the bottom of it soon. xx


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