Monday, October 31, 2011

Film Style Inspiration- The Addams Family (Wednesday Addams)

I didn't think I would get to do my Film Style post this month between everything we have going on, but thankfully Donnacha and I took some time yesterday to take these photos in the same place we took these ones. Things have been so hectic I haven't really had a chance to think about blogging at all, but I wanted to get one post in before we go away this week. So this is my Halloween film style post. I didn't end up dressing up in a costume at all so this will have to do. It's my interpretation of a grown up modern Wednesday Addams. Hope you enjoy!
















I almost forgot to tell you a funny story that goes along with the photos. Donnacha and I were just about finished when we saw a Dublin city council worker in a hi-vis jacket walking around the perimeter of the park. We were packing up our stuff when we heard him talking behind us, I though he was talking to us so I turned around only to see him nudging something behind a bush with his foot. Turns out some sort of intoxicated vagrant had made himself a nice little bed in the middle of the bush and was now almost comatose and wouldn't move so the guy started to threaten him with called the Gardaí (Irish word for police). We decided that was a good time to scadaddle! The charms of Dublin are endless!

I apologise for not keeping up with my commenting etc, I will be back to normal next week! (Hopefully)

I hope you all are well,

Emma x

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whatever Words I Say I Will Always Love You

Here are the rest of the photos from the wedding. There were so many of Kate and I laughing because my heels kept sinking into the grass and I would fall backwards and have to grab onto her. Heehee!



The loveliest bridesmaid! (in my opinion)


























I wanted to record a new video but I have no desktop at the moment to edit because Donnacha needs it for his new office so I'll probably wait until after the wedding and do a wedding make up video. I have so many products I want to tell you about. 

I hope you are having a great weekend. Mine has been great so far, Friday in work we had a really successful visit from the regional director of the company who was very pleased with the changes we've made in the children's department and we went out for drinks last night with our lovely friend Róisín and caught up on the past couple of months. 

Much love,

Emma xx

Saturday, October 15, 2011

With Flaming Locks of Auburn Hair With Ivory Skin and Eyes of Emerald Green

On Thursday my mam, my sister Kate, her fiancé Eric, Donnacha and I all attended the wedding of a childhood friend of Kate and I. Our families "grew up together" as it were and the bride Colette's sister Lisa has been one of my best friends my whole life. The wedding was so beautiful and everything was Autumnal themed including the bridesmaids dresses, flowers, orders of service and decorations. We were so lucky with the weather we got for the day, it was such a beautiful sunny day and it made for some great photos. I have more photos to show you of the church, the reception and all of us but for now here's my outfit.        








I died my hair again this week so as you can see it's quite red! this day three weeks Kate and Eric will be married and we'll be in Roma! I can't wait!

I hope you all are well, thank you so so much for all the kind and thoughtful words about my job and Donnacha and my mam, I know they both appreciate all the love being sent their way. We have a while to go with their health issues so all of the support means a huge amount to me and my family. 

Emma x

Monday, October 10, 2011

Naked Eyes- Creep, Gunmetal and Half Baked

It's less than a month to my sister's wedding now and it's been quite hectic here recently trying to get the last few bits done before we fly to Rome. I can't believe it's nearly here, it still doesn't feel real! My dress and shoes are sorted, Kate's dress is on it's way (she got it made by a dressmaker on etsy). I did a trial of her hair and make up today and she seemed very happy so that's a load off my mind, it's a lot of pressure making a bride look her best on her wedding day, but I'm lucky to have such a great canvas to work with! 

Unfortunately there have been some health issues with Donnacha and my mam and that's put a bit of a dampener on the preparations but we're hoping that it will turn out to be nothing and that they will both be okay. 

I am trying to get as much blogging done in the next few weeks as I can and get another video filmed as soon as possible so that I can concentrate on the Wedding photos when I get back. I have a lot of make up related things to talk about since I've been trying out so many new products (I hope it won't be too boring for some of you). 

I thought I'd finally start showing you some of the looks I've created with my Urban decay Naked palette.






I used Gunmetal all over the lid, Creep on the outer corner and Half Baked on the inner corner. On the lips is Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Pink Ice. Bit of a different look for me, I wanted to try something new!

Oh also I got a promotion of sorts in work, I'm now doing the visual merchandising in the children's department. It's pretty scary having such a big responsibility but I just want to get as much experience as I can for the future.

How are you all?

Emma x
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