Friday, June 15, 2012

Leopard Nails

I never wear false nails. Well actually that's a lie, I've worn them once before when I won a box of them but that's as far as my experience goes. I picked up these leopard print ones in Accessorize during the week just because I thought they looked fun and I love leopard print (but mostly just in moderation). 





I'm not a fan of fake nails on me because I feel like I can't use my hand for anything when I'm wearing them. The only reason I got these was because I had a gift card plus staff discount so they were very inexpensive and also because they weren't too long. I dislike having my nails long in general because they always break at work and I also find them a bit gross and unhygienic, having said that they can look amazing! 

These are press on nails so they are incredibly easy to use, like you could put them on in the car or on a bus if you had to. I think press on nails are such a great idea if you're in a hurry and are going out and don't have time to paint your nails. I know this print won't be to everyone's taste but I think if you were going out they could be a great statement accessory to a simple outfit. 

They retail for €7.90/£5 so they're around the same price and even less expensive than most high street press on nails. I'd definitely save them for a special occasion next time!

What do you think? Do you ever wear false nails or do you hate them? Personally I prefer the ritual of painting mine, I find it quite fun and relaxing! These were a nice change though!

Emma x


  1. I can offer a male p.o.v. on this matter, Emma. It doesn't matter to me if the nails are real or fake. What matters to me is that young women like you are resurrecting beauty and glamour. The period from the late 60s thru the 90s was bleak in terms of feminine allure. Many women dressed down rather than up and seemed determined to look as plain as possible. Others put on a freak show. Thanks to the vintage movement femininity is back. A new generation of women is popularizing the color, fun and excitement of traditional styles of the 40s and 50s and I couldn't be happier. Have a safe and happy weekend, dear Emma!

  2. These look great. Just a nice length. I'm not a fan of false nails either. I used to buy cheap really long ones and paint them black in my goth days but they left my nails in a state. I would probably only wear falsies for a special occasion if I was short of time xxx

  3. Ooohh they look gorgeous Emma. I am so lazy when it comes to my nails. I used to work on the deli counter at Waitrose and we weren't allowed to have painted nails, then I kind of just stopped. I guess I thought with the job that I do now they would probably chip all the time. Recently I was very lucky to get a free Barry M mannicure and it has completley converted me! It lasted for so long, I was so impressed. So I have a whole new 'nail world' opened up to me. Exciting. :-) xxx

  4. Hi!
    I usually don't like animal prints since they are overworned, but I think your nails are gorgeous! I would defninitely wear them.



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