Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

The weekend before last I went to Electric Picnic to film for Cock and Bull TV. The crew was a lot smaller than last year as Donnacha is currently doing almost everything himself. We filmed six sessions with some Irish bands in the woods outside the campsite. Here's what we got up to;

EP12 1

My sister Kate helped us out by recording sound

EP 12 2

Luke, my fellow camera operator

EP 12 3

Adventure Time T-Shirt!

EP 12 4

EP 12 5

EP 12 6

EP 12 7

EP 12 8

There was a lot of waiting around (and even more insects!)

EP 12 9

EP 12 10

EP 12 11

EP 12 12

EP 12 14

Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

EP 12 15

Niall was on photographer/drinking duties

EP 12 16

These lovely sisters are called Twin Headed Wolf

EP 12 17

EP 12 18

EP 12 19

Eric McGrath (and company)

EP 12 20

The Main Arena

EP 12 21

Coffee Break

EP 12 22

Candy Floss

EP 12 23

EP 12 24

Drinking Break

EP 12 25

EP 12 26

EP 12 27

The Cure!!!

EP 12 28

EP 12 29

John Blek and the Rats

EP 12 30

EP 12 31

EP 12 33

EP 12 34

Doesn't this look like a mask from a Horror movie?

EP 12 35

EP 12 36

EP 12 37

EP 12 38

EP 12 39

EP 12 40

Not to sound ungrateful for getting to go to EP for free, but the line up this year was definitely not as good as last year. It was a completely different experience because there was lots of people on the crew last year and we had so much fun and I was probably over-excited because I'd never been before. This time it was much more laid back and we actually left early on Sunday because there were no bands we wanted to see that evening. We spent most of Friday and Saturday in the Media Area and the woods filming. We did get to relax and have a few drinks and watch some amazing performances. We saw Grizzly Bear, The Vaccines, Alabama Shakes, Patti Smith, The Cure (who played for 3 hours!) and Not Squares who were a bit of a highlight for me. 

After being fortunate enough to experience a festival this way and having access to nicer bathrooms, a private bar and seated area, having a lift to and from Donnacha's parents house nearby where we had nice warm beds and showers and proper food, I don't think I could ever camp at a festival. It's just not for me. I also think it's so hard to get into a performance because there are so many people in the audience just passing through or chatting to their friends or killing time or waiting for the next and on that stage. The atmosphere is never as good as when you're surrounded by true fans who have all paid to see the band play.  I don't know whether it's me getting older but I just found myself getting annoyed at people for having full blown conversations in front of me while I'm trying to enjoy someone play, or having smoke blown into my face on purpose because the person knew I was getting annoyed at him and his friends. Ok, I think I am getting old! 

Rude people aside, I had a great time and got to hang out with my sister and my friends and saw some bands I'd wanted to see for years and danced and ate gross food and wore wellies and laughed a lot. 

On a side note, we have to move out of our apartment due to circumstances we can't control. We are both really sad and wish we didn't have to move but we do and so the apartment hunt begins. There is very little available of good quality in our area for our slim budget so it's going to be stressful. I'm going to try and keep blogging as much as I can to distract from the stress and worry of it all but I'll be packing and going to viewings and all that so you might not hear from me much over the next few weeks. Please pray (if you're so inclined) that we find somewhere nice within our budget.

I'll leave you with two of the films we made at the Picnic in the woods. Remember to watch in HD!

Emma x


  1. Hello, dear Emma! I remember you attending this event last year. I'm sorry it wasn't as much fun this time around. Those woodlands look so pretty and inviting and your films are evocative. I love seeing pictures of you and your friends and the scenic splendor that is your homeland. I will pray for you to find a suitable apartment within your budget. In fact, I will program the universe to make it happen. Best wishes, dear friend, and please stay in touch as often as possible.

  2. Is this same festival you saw Warpaint at last year? I am still super jealous you got to seem them play live. I completely understand you not wanting to camp at festival and feeling like you are getting old. The last real concert I went to was to see Incubus play (this was like forever ago) and I was so stoked but there was nothing but high school kids there and they started shoving and just being generally obnoxious. I have never felt so old. I just want to listen to music, maybe have a couple beers, and then go to bed. Is that too much to ask for!?

    PS best of luck with the apartment hunt. I know how stressful that can be. I've got my fingers crossed for you two to find a lovely place within your budget!

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  4. Mmm...Kopparberg!

    Sorry got distracted there for a second. OH! AND DISTRACTED AGAIN BY ABOVE NOTE - AREN'T WARPAINT THE BEST?!?! I hope they come back to Dublin soon. They gave me goosepimples they were so good.

    This is a lovely post - amazing photos as always - and it made me sad that I've decided I'm too old for camping at festivals but I don't have access to the fancypants bit! xo

  5. And I am really sorry to hear of your apartment woes. I hope you find somewhere amazing xo

  6. Those woods looks amazing! We don't really have 'woods' here in Australia which is a shame because these photographs are beautiful.


  7. Don't worry I get so annoyed too. I am loosing patience for festivals in my old age, I think it's because people are becoming more and more disrespectful, it's such a shame.
    Well it looks like you guys had a lovely time anyway. What a beautiful place to do some filming. I am also very jealous that you go the Grizzly Bear and The cure!
    Good luck with your flat hunt, I know how stressful that can be. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that you guys find your dream flat and that moving out was all meant to be.


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