Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Perfect Peony

You may remember my review of some of the Revlon Lip Butters back in April and how I raved about them.  I still feel the same way, they were a staple of my summer make up routine because they're so easy to wear and they look and feel amazing. I picked up a fourth shade, Peach Parfait, a few months back when the Revlon stand in Boots was having a three for two promotion and with it another Colorburst Lip Gloss in the colour Peony. I didn't even realise at the time how similar the colours were until I got home and took a closer look. I've been wearing these two together and separately quite a bit over the past few months. 




Peach Parfait1

Peach Parfait worn alone

Peach Parfait2



Peony worn on top of Peach Parfait



As you can see Peach Parfait (on the left) is actually more pink than Peony (on the right)


You can see above the kind of make up I've been wearing with these lip products coming into Autumn. The eye shadow is Urban Decay Snakebite from the Naked 2 Palette with some No. 7 Stay Perfect black eye pencil smudged into my upper lash line. 

Peach Parfait has some glitter in it which makes the texture slightly more gritty than the other Lip Butters I have, but I just adore the colour. It really is the perfect everyday lip colour and it goes with so many different eye looks because it adds just the right amount of subtle colour to the lips. Peony is more glittery as you can see from the macro shots above, it's so glossy and pretty and is a nice fresh alternative to a neutral lip colour.  I really love the Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses, they smell lovely, the packaging is sleek and the texture is smooth. I also have the colours Pink Ice and Bordeaux which I've reviewed here

Emma x


  1. Peach Parfait is gorgeous on you, much nicer than it is on me. I love that eyeshadow on you too, and your eyebrows are perfection!

    1. ooh, how lovely of you Emma! you've put a big smile on my face, thank you! :)


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