Thursday, August 1, 2013

This Place Is So Quiet, Sensing That Storm

It's offically Autumn! Well, at least in Ireland anyway. Donnacha and I took a trip to Wexford with my parents last weekend. We had such a wonderful time being tourists in our own country. One of the only things we had planned for our trip was a visit to Hook Lighthouse, the oldest operational lighthouse in the world at 800 years old. 

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Dress and Bag- Monsoon
Sandals- Clarks
Sunglasses- Marks and Spencers
Ring- Dixi
Watch- Fossil 
Nail Polish- Barry M Green Berry (Fingernails) No7 Hot Lava (Toenails) 
Lipstick- Revlon Kiss Me Coral

I don't know if I have mentioned it here before but my grandfather was a lighthouse keeper so we all have a huge interest in lighthouses and particularly visiting the ones he was stationed at. Hook Head is not one that my grandpa worked in, however because of it's history and that it's one of the few lighthouses around Ireland that my mam hadn't seen yet, we just had to visit it. The interior of the lighthouse is quite amazing and really demonstrates the skill of the people who built it. I have a whole post planned on our trip because I took lots of photos to show to those of you who are interested and maybe won't get a chance to visit Hook Head. We also went to Loftus Hall (Ireland's most haunted house!) I had wanted to visit it for years after reading about it in a book we had when I was younger. I have a huge interest in abandoned and derelict buildings so this was really exciting for me. It actually just opened to the public in October and you can take a guided tour around the ground floor of the house (The other floors are still too damaged and unsafe). The money from the tours is going towards renovating the house as it was unoccupied for 7 years and unfortunately went into great disrepair. I'll tell you more about Loftus Hall in my next post as it has such an interesting history.

I'm totally smitten with my new watch that you can see above. It was an early birthday present from Donnacha and it's perfect, exactly what I wanted.

How is your week going so far?

Emma x

PS. A huge Happy Birthday my my best friend Lisa. Love you!

*Post Title is from Peter Gabriel's Red Rain


  1. Gorgeous dress xx

  2. Autumn in Ireland, dear Emma? I hope that means your prolonged heat wave has finally come to an end. It's still blistering hot here in Central Florida and will remain so another three months.

    I would truly enjoy visiting that 800 year old Hook Head lighthouse and I am eager to see pictures you took of the interior. I am also fascinated by haunted houses and can't wait to read about Loftus Hall.

    I love your new watch! You are a classic beauty and your Fossil is classic style that suits you perfectly. You and Donnacha both have very good taste! I already know that your birthday is the 15th because I like to keep track of my best friends' birthdays.

    Stay well and have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Emma!

  3. ohh so cool! I love light houses, but I have seeeen one only once :D Your dress has such a lovely pattern, so cute xxx

  4. You look gorgeous as always. I so look forward to your stylie posts!Also love lighthouses and have visited quite a few. So magical somehow! Thanks Love !XO

  5. Love the dress!

  6. I didn't know that about Hook Lighthouse. The photos are beautiful.

  7. Such stunning photos Emma! I would love to visit here and Loftus Hall is also on my list. And how interesting that your grand-dad was a lighthouse keeper!

  8. Wow Emma! Love that 6th photo (of you in the field). And you must feel so connected to your grandfather when you visit them- so need to visit a few now.
    p.s. Love the watch. Looks perfect on you!

  9. It's so amazing that your grandfather is a lighthouse keeper! I've always thought that lighthouses are so magical! Love your sunglasses, too! :)

    Xo, Hannah

  10. I just found your blog and I love it, you look gorgeous :)

  11. my boyfriends family have a holiday home in Duncannon and I've been to Hook lighthouse once too but it was bloody freezing! Loftus Hall hadn't opened to the public when we were there but it is so creepy and dramtically atmospheric in its setting! great photos xox

  12. first of all, i am in love with your watch and your ring here! second, your photographs are wonderful and i love lighthouses! that's so neat that your grandpa is a lighthouse keeper!

    lindsey louise

  13. The prints on the dress is gorgeous.


  14. i'm totally intrigued by your visit to loftus hall, looking forward to the post and the rest of pictures of hook head!


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