Sunday, September 14, 2014

No7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm

The No7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm was used on me back in April when I had my makeup done for the press day for the No7 campaign. I loved the way it made my skin look and I was eager to get my hands on my own bottle to test it out properly. 

I'm not much of a primer girl, but I do love to use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm when I feel like my skin needs a quick something extra in the morning. I was so excited to try this mostly because of the name, what girl doesn't want Rapid Radiance for their skin? I have to admit I'm slightly addicted to this and have used it every day since I bought it.


The balm has a beautiful but subtle scent so if you're not into scented products I'd encourage you to give it a try before you buy it. The texture is light and it glides onto my skin so easily. It absorbs quickly and I like to apply my foundation directly after it's been fully absorbed into the skin. One of the things I love about it is how it prepares my skin for foundation, it just makes applying my foundation so much easier. 

You wouldn't necessarily have to apply it all over your skin if you didn't want to, just on the areas you feel look a little dull. I find it just gives my skin an all over brightening glow which I think you can see in the before and after photo below. 

Before/After (with no makeup)

This is one of those products that I know I don't necessarily need all of the time but I can see that it makes a difference when my skin isn't looking it's best and just gives a little extra boost of confidence when I'm having a bad skin day.

What do you think? Do you use balms or primers before foundation?

Emma x


  1. I have this but it's one of those products I rarely get around to using as it just seems like an extra step in the mornings...

    1. yeah I think it's one of those steps that's more of a luxury than anything else!

  2. So is this a primer then or do you need a primer as well? Looks lovely!

    1. Apparently there is a primer version too, this is more of a balm, probably better for dryer skins I would say!

  3. Am not a big fun of primers,it is just one more layer on your face which isn't necessary. However I do have very good primer Guerlain Meteorites which helps me look brighter in in "dull days" :)
    Great post Emma

    1. I've heard great things about the Meteorites, I need to try them out!

  4. Primers are like your skin’s savior when it’s dry. It makes your skin extra radiant during those days when your skin looks dull. Likewise, it serves as your skin’s protection between layers of makeup you’ve got to apply afterwards.

    Hugh Barber @ Laser-Clinique

  5. That primer seems to be a good product, for it made your skin look more smooth and glowing. I guess this is best used when putting heavy makeups, because it can serve as a protective layer between the harsh chemicals that some of our cosmetics may contain. Thanks for sharing, Emma! Stay gorgeous! :)

    Marshall Copeland @ Baja Medi Spa


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