Monday, December 29, 2014

My Basket

I was really enjoying reading everyone's sales shopping posts so I thought I would write one of my own since I indulged in some bargain hunting myself pre and post Christmas.

My Basket

Firstly were the online bargains. I had been lusting after this stunning ASOS skirt for months now and knew I would never pay almost €93 for it so when I saw it went on sale for just over €55 last week I ordered it straight away. I absolutely love it! I plan on wearing it with a plain black t-shirt and heeled boots or with my oatmeal coloured jumper tucked into it.

The Zara Rhinestone necklace and Animal Print Messenger bag were two other items I was after for ages. I ordered them online for €14.99 and €19.99 respectively (originally €22.95 and €29.95). They are yet to arrive but I'm hoping there just as nice in person.

I saw the Jumper and Top in Zara while I was browsing and decided to buy them without trying them on first, something I rarely do, but luckily when I tried them on at home I loved both. What drew me to the jumper was the colour, I love that pale blue shade, even though I never wear it so I thought I would try it out.  Another selling point for me was that it's 100% wool so it's really warm and at €12.99 it's a great bargain.

The top was €9.99 and has faux leather around the neck and a panel on the sleeves which are semi-batwing. Who doesn't love a good striped top, the details on this one make it just different enough to justify buying it. It's not available in the stripe version online anymore, just black or burgundy, however you could probably still find it in stores.  The jumper was €19.99 full price and the top was €14.95.

I was looking for a leopard print coat all Winter so when I saw this one reduced from €79.99 to €24 in New Look I had to get it. It's a boyfriend fit, the same as my grey H&M one and is quite warm considering how lightweight it is. It also like that it's a different colour from the usual leopard print coats.

What do you think of my purchases? Did you pick up any bargains in the sales?

Emma x


  1. Oh I loved that skirt too, but i am too much of a scruge to pay the sales price even. so far i have bought three skirts from asos. they are all patterened and high waisted (i am so excited about the pink gingham one). i hope they fit as i have never bought clothes from them before. i usually buy makeup and belts. lol. i bought some bras from target and again i am hoping they fit. I bought some of the limecrime glitters which i am excited about and now i am looking at asos again. lol

  2. Great picks, Emma - love the coat and bag! I've made zero sales purchases this year and have definite FOMO!

  3. I'm generally really bad at sales rummaging but I managed to pick up a few items this year that I had spotted pre-Christmas but had talked myself out of buying due to being pregnant - but knock a few per cent of the price tag and all will power goes out the window for me :) Looks like you bagged some gorgeous bargains - that skirt is particularly amazing. And thanks for your lovely comment - I'm not sure if I congratulated you on your No.7 campaign by the way - you look stunning :) Now off to Asos maternity online I go...

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