Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Turn My Head With Talk Of Summertime

Summer is slowly beginning to arrive in Dublin, so last Friday we took advantage of the sunshine and got the DART to Dun Laoghaire for the day. We had lunch followed by Scrumdiddly's ice cream (which is definitely worth the long queue!) and walked down the pier and sat in the sun. 

I brought my new camera along to play around with and took some photos of the gorgeous seaside scenery. 

IMG_4816.2 IMG_4810 IMG_4805 IMG_4824.1 IMG_4821 IMG_4837 IMG_4836.1 IMG_4840 26410459083_1d4da02d4a_k IMG_4854 IMG_4838.1 IMG_4884.1 26410471253_fd1168147e_k IMG_4886.1 IMG_4893.1 IMG_4880 IMG_4898.1 IMG_4905 IMG_4902.1

I'm really looking forward to bringing my camera on more adventures over the Summer. We're going on a city break with a few friends to Amsterdam in July and back to the south of France in August. I'm so excited for another Summer of travelling!

What are your Summer plans?

Emma x

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