Friday, October 8, 2010

Mad About Christina


I really do love Fridays. I'm so thankful to have a job where I get weekends off. Unfortunately I didn't get to post this week until now, but I have been cathcing up on reading a lot of blogs which was great! I'm planning a couple of longer posts over the weekend, so for now I thought I'd share some photos with you from the November issue of Harper's Bazaar shot by Terry Richardson. The cover is graced by the beautiful Christina Hendricks. Some of you may be tired of seeing her everywhere, but I for one can't get enough! I'm not mad about the cover, I think there could have been better choices judging from the little video of the photoshoot on the Harper's Bazaar site, but who am I to judge really, she still looks beautiful.

All Images Found Here

Oh and I'm toying with the idea of dying my hair, I don't know why, the idea just came to me the other day. You only live once and I thought it could be fun to mix it up a bit. What do you think?

Have you got any fun plans for the weekend? I'm going to a Vintage Fashion and Décor Fair on Sunday, I'm very excited about it! Hopefully I'll get lots of lovely photos to show you.

xxx Em


  1. She is such a stunner, I'm mad about her as well :)

  2. I heart her too, so beautiful and sure of herself


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