Monday, May 18, 2015

Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss

The only lip product I own by Urban Decay is the Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour in F-Bomb which came with one of the Oz palettes and you can see my review of it here. I had a miniature size of one of their now discontinued Lip Junkie glosses a few years ago but I wasn't a fan of the texture so I gave it away. I've read great things about the recent Naked Lipgloss range and Revolution Lipsticks and now Urban Decay have released the Revolution High-Color Lipgloss range. 


The Revolution glosses are meant to be the counterpart to the Naked glosses, with 14 cream and sparkle shades from nudes to brights and darks, there is something for everyone. The Pigment Infusion System is supposed to give the lipgloss a super creamy texture, high pigmentation and superior colour dispersion. The formula also contains Hilurlip to define and hydrate lips whilst giving them a more full appearance. 


I was sent two completely different shades, 69 (a bright red) and Failbait (a light neutral pink) both of which are so beautiful on the lips, particularly 69 which is the most stunning, glamorous high shine red. The problem I had with Urban Decay glosses before was the formula which was just too sticky to be comfortable on my lips. This new formula has a thicker consistency than other lip glosses I've tried but it's not sticky making it much more pleasant to wear.


You can see in the photos below the intense pigmentation of these glosses with a couple of layers applied. You can also use a little less for a lighter wash of colour. The packaging is beautiful and practical. The applicator dispenses just enough product and allows for a very fast and precise application. There is also a slight vanilla scent, not as hit or miss as the minty scent of the discontinued UD glosses. 


I've tested the lasting power of both shades in work and they do fade throughout the course of the day and require reapplication, however the wear is very even and combined with my new Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil (review coming soon), I avoided the dreaded feathering/bleeding. 


I found that the glosses paired beautifully with the new Afterglow blushes (you can read my review of them here), 69 looks really pretty with Quiver as does Failbait with Rapture. 

I've always been more of a lipstick fan myself especially living in such a windy country where lipgloss tends to get dragged across your face as soon as you step outside the door, however I adore a proper glossy red lip, I just find it so glamorous and there is nothing like a high shine lip product for making your lips look more full. I think shiny lips automatically make you look more youthful and fresh-faced. Glossy lips are the perfect way to update your make up look coming into the Summer months and I have a tendency to gravitate towards shiny lips during the warmer months.

I would definitely recommend checking these out in person if you're near an Urban Decay counter, I can't wait to have look at the rest of the shades in the range as they all look amazing. 

The glosses are priced at €19 and are available at House of Fraser, Dundrum and Debenhams

Are you a gloss fan? 

Emma x

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Style Hunter

You know you've got a great nail polish shade when it gets your boyfriend's seal of approval. Essie Style Hunter is that great. In fact I would go so far as saying it's probably my favourite nail polish shade. I can't believe it's taken me so long to feature it. 


Described by Essie as a Laser Sharp Crimson, to me it's a vibrant, eye-catching raspberry pink/red shade. It's classic, modern and glamorous all at once. As with all Essie polishes, the formula, application and lasting power are fantastic. If you're into nail polish and you don't already own this then allow me to enable you to go order it now, you won't regret it!

I got mine in Boots for €9.99.

Emma x

Monday, May 11, 2015

Urban Decay Afterglow 8- Hour Powder Blush

Blush is not something I would associate with Urban Decay as a brand. They have numerous other products down to a tee, their most famous being eyeshadow with the now cult beauty status Naked palettes. They have added to their repertoire with this latest release, the Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush range which contains 12 beautiful shades ranging from soft nudes to a vibrant purple and bright orange- red. The formula is infused with light-diffusing pigments to enhance and perfect the skin, something I think we can all appreciate as sometimes blush can serve to highlight if we're having a bad skin day (or week). 


I may have squealed when I opened the boxes to see the stunning packaging. The blushes are cased in a shiny gunmetal compact with a fishnet cut out UD on the lid that allows you to glimpse the colour contained inside. There is also a magnetic closure which added to my excitement. 


I received three very different shades, Quiver (a medium red), Rapture (a deep mauve with a hint of shimmer) and Indecent (a light peachy nude). The shade range is excellent, I'd imagine these will be popular with make up artists for editorials and because there are great options for a wide array of skin tones. 


Rapture is the only blush of the three that has shimmer. The shimmer however is very fine and not noticeable enough to highlight larger pores or any other skin "imperfections". I found it similar to that of a satin eyeshadow. The only blush I have that is comparable to Rapture is NARS Sin, a similar plum/mauve shade that is perhaps slightly lighter, however this is more finely milled and the shimmer isn't as noticeable which I prefer. 


Indecent is a very natural matte shade, I find I just need a touch of this on my skin tone or it can look a bit muddy. I love to wear shades like this with brown/ bronze eyeshadows like the one I'm wearing above. 


Quiver was probably my favourite of the three in that I have nothing like it in my make up collection. It's a stunning shade in the pan and I was concerned at first as to whether it would work on my very fair skin. Again, you only need a touch of this to get a beautiful rosy red flush. This is the kind of shade that can make blush the focal point of your make up, a look I adore. I've worn this with just lip balm as you can see below and also paired with red lips which works a treat and looks so pretty. You definitely have to be careful to not overdo it with a shade like this, but I think if you're going to invest in one of these blushes I would highly recommend one of the more unusual shades like Quiver


I have to say I was totally taken by these blushes from the moment I laid eyes on them. The packaging is without a doubt the most beautiful I've seen in a long time. The texture of the powder is so fine and almost creamy making them a dream to blend on the skin. I love that there is a mixture of matte and shimmer shades and the pigmentation gives them great lasting power. 

I love a blush that gives you that lit from within look, and they do just that, hence the name Afterglow  as well as all the cheeky blush names (which I love). 

Priced at €28 they don't come cheap, but I think they are worth the money in comparison to other high end blushes I've tried like the NARS ones which are more expensive. 

They are available now at Debenhams and House of Fraser Dundrum. 

Emma x

Monday, May 4, 2015

And We're Off To The Races

Last week I attended the Punchestown Races for the first time. I was invited along as a guest of Gold Fever Hair Extensions who were sponsoring the Best Dressed Lady competition. We were so lucky that the weather was good on the day (Good= freezing but sunny) so we managed to take some photos to share with you. 

PR1 PR8 PR7 PR2 PR11 PR6 PR12 PR10 PR13

Outfit Details:

Bag- Zara (Last Year)
Lipstick- MAC Ruby Woo

I bought the shoes and skirt a few months ago after becoming totally enamoured during one of my frequent ASOS "browsing" sessions. At the time I didn't have any particular occasion in mind to wear them to but when I got the invite to the races I was excited to get them out of my wardrobe. 

I wasn't sure what to pair the skirt with at first, I decided the heels and skirt were statement pieces so I would be better going with something simple. I saw this crop top on ASOS and even though it's something that is completely outside my comfort zone I decided to give it a try. When it arrived and I tried it on, I was surprised how much I liked it. I think the tiny bit of skin on show mixed with the ladylike full skirt and low metallic heels is the perfect combination of modern and classic that I wanted. 

I couldn't decide what headpiece to go for so I ordered the floral garland and a Mini Veil and after asking a few people, they all preferred the flowers with the outfit so I went with that. I wore a black trench coat over it as it was quite chilly outside when we were watching the races. I was really happy with my outfit and the low heels were comfortable and practical for walking around all day. 

Check out the Gold Fever Hair Instagram to see all the photos of the Best Dressed ladies. There were some stunning outfits, it was so much fun looking at all of the stylish men and woman and how much effort and thought was put into their outfits. 

Have you ever been to the races?

Emma x

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