Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'd Say You Make a Perfect Angel in the Snow

As promised, some photos of the snow from last night. It has frozen over today and therefore the roads and paths are very slippy. I was dreading this happening again after the big freeze of January '10. It was incredibly annoying trying to get anywhere, I'll have to leave for work extra early tomorrow so I can take my time walking on the icy ground. Snow is a novelty here for about a day and then it's just annoying. Can't wait for it all to melt! Having said that here are the photos from last night when it was still beautiful!

I happened to catch this girl walking in the centre of the road at exactly the right time with her arms stretched out. How perfect is that?

You can see the snow gradually building up on this branch

and finally, Donnacha's snowman who lived a short life;

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! It's back to work for me tomorrow unfortunately. I'm already looking forward to my next week off after Christmas!

Emma xx

The First Snow

It's been snowing here very heavily for the past 2 hours and the snow is about 3 inches on the ground. Donnacha was out making a snowman by himself and got help from some drunk people walking home and a car pulled over to take a photo! I took some photos which I will show you tomorrow. As much as I'm not a fan of the cold weather, there is something magical about snow falling. We actually had the first snow of the Winter last night at around 4am aswell as a thunder storm.

This was the park beside St. Patrick's Cathedral today

It has been so cold these past few days but I managed to get some more Christmas shopping done. I'd say I have about a third of it still left to do, and that's all the people who I find very difficult to buy for like my grandparents. I have to admit, I do love Christmas shopping, not the crowds and long queues but getting someone something you know they will love. Oh and wrapping the presents, I love that too!

Today after doing some shopping we went to see Robert Rodriguez's Machete. I love his other films so I was looking forward to this and it was pretty good, not his best but I enjoyed it.

So here are the unedited funny face photos from the other day that I promised you, you'll get to see my goofy side, which if you know me well is a big part of me!

I can be quite the messer when I want to be, just as Donnacha!

So I got my hair done again yesterday. It only took an hour for the semi-permanent colour and blow dry and it cost less than I thought it would so all in all a good experience! It's great to have my colour freshened up and to have the vibrancy put back into it. I probably won't get in done again until the end of January and hopefully then I'll be able to get it lighter (that's if I still want to). Here are some photos just to show you the colour now;

This is a bit darker than the actual colour, it's hard to tell what it's like indoors at night with a flash

The hairdresser blow dryed my hair curly with Morrocan Oil, it smells amazing and makes my hair so shiny!

I told you about Donnacha's dog being sick during the week and unfortunately he had to be put into a permanent sleep last night. Donnacha is just happy that he got to say goodbye and that Snapper isn't in any pain anymore, but it's not going to be the same in his house anymore without him. It's amazing how much an animal can become part of your life.

On a happier note I have been planning a special treat for you guys! I've been collecting some items for my first reader giveaway! I'm very excited, so much so that I was going to wait until I had reached either 50 followers or my 100th post to do it but I couldn't wait. Heehee! I'll tell you all about it soon when I've gotten together the last few items so keep an eye out for the special giveaway post which should be within the week!

Well I hope you're all having a great weekend with less snow and more warmth than mine!


Em xx

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

So these are the photos we took yesterday. I wanted to showcase my new budget furs. They really are so warm and so inexpensive at just €10 for the snood and hat! I felt so cosy in the crisp Winter air. Dublin Castle was almost deserted apart from a few tourists, which is great for taking photos. We took a lot more photos than we normally would because it was so quiet which meant I was more easily coaxed into standing out in the open. It was good in one way because it meant we got to take more interesting shots and there was a bigger selection to choose from, but it also meant I got a bit giddy and made a lot of goofy faces, which I might share with you in a special outtakes post.

Ok so I know that's a lot of photos, but I really liked so many so I thought, why not show you more than I normally would? Thanks again to Donnacha for his patience and talent in taking the photos with me!

Don't you love the colour of the leaves?

I'm getting a touch up on my hair colour tomorrow and doing some Christmas shopping, might try fit in a trip to the cinema too if I have time!

Here's the video to my favourite White Stripes song directed by Michel Gondry;

Em xxx

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jewel Me Pretty

This is the package I received in the post yesterday. I ordered some more things from Jewel Me Pretty because Rin is currently having a half price sale! The prices were already great, but with the sale it's seriously worth checking out if you have any Christmas presents to buy or if you're just looking for something nice for yourself! Here's what I bought;

I know I've said it before but I just love the way Rin packages all the items! She even sent me the little pink hair pin too!

Donnacha's dog Snapper is very sick and his mam thinks he doesn't have long left so we're going to visit them tomorrow so Donnacha can say goodbye. They've had him for about 12 years since he was a puppy. Donnacha was choosing which puppy to pick and Snapper got sick on his chest and he knew that was the puppy for him! I've always thought that was such a cute story! He has a tumor on his liver and thankfully doesn't seem to be in much pain but he's still very sick. It's hard for me to relate to losing a family pet because we didn't have any pets growing up. We have a cat now, but only for the past 4 years and she's not a very nice cat so I don't think I'd miss her, but my mam loves her! Snapper is a great dog though, he has such a personality and is very loving for a dog. I can't wait until Donnacha and I move to a bigger place so that we can get our own dog.

We took some outfit photos today so be sure to check back for another post soon!

Hope you all are having a good week so far!

Love Em xx

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh, But Your Wish Is My Command

I went to see Beach House in Vicar St. last night with Donnacha. He was doing an interview with the support band Lower Dens beforehand and came home to drop off his equipment (we only live 5 minutes from the venue) and collect me in time for the show. We managed to get pretty close to the front despite arriving only ten minutes before the band came on. We even bumped into our friend Dave in the crowd and some other people we knew. Beach House played an AMAZING show! If you haven't heard them yet I can't recommend them highly enough! I didn't really know much of their stuff when we saw them in Whelans earlier this year, but seeing them live made me want to hear more and then I became a little obsessed (I tend to do that a lot with albums I love).

They played most of their latest album Teen Dream and a few songs from their first two albums. The stage looked incredible too, as you'll see below there were three huge triangle lights on the stage that went different colours for each song and then the black backdrop had hundreds of tiny lights on it that flashed like crazy for a few of the songs.

Here are some photos from last night, I could only bring my small Samsung camera and it doesn't take great photos in low light so I did my best but I think you get the idea, I just wanted to show you all the different colours, it looked so good!

Afterwards we got pizza in our favourite pizza takeaway on Thomas Street called Vincenzo's (€5 for a 9" and 2 toppings ain't bad!) and watched Walking Dead and Conan from last week with Jon Hamm as a guest.

Have you been to any great gigs recently? Today I slept in and Donnacha went out to get me a mocha and croissant for breakfast, then we went to the post office to collect another package the contents of which I will share with you tomorrow. We watched some more Weeds with Simon too, we're nearly finished the sixth season.

Hope you had a good start to the week. Here's some more Beach House, let me know what you think if you get a chance to listen to them!

Love Emma
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