Friday, October 1, 2010

So I'm Back To The Velvet Underground

I've been neglecting my little bloggy lately, I haven't been posting nearly as much as I'd like to, but I suppose that's the inconvenience of life, sometimes it gets in the way ;)
This week has been very draining for me. I feel like I've been on an emotional rollercoaster, I've been crying a lot for various reasons, several of which were watching Where The Wild Things Are and the final part of This Is England '86, which made me completely break down in tears. I think I cried at some point during all four parts of it, it was rough going, but very worth while. It really was a superb piece of television.

Work hasn't been great either, I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated by my inability to make any difference with how the place is run and saddened by the lack of warmth and compassion exhibited by the management time and time again. Today in our shop we had an event for the Dublin Festival of Fashion with several little fashion shows and other things happening in store. I wasn't asked to take part in any of the events, which I was fine with because it would have meant staying late on a Friday which no one wants to do, but the thing that annoyed me, well not even annoyed me but just made me realise there is no hope for the management in there was a comment from my manager this morning.

We were asked to dress up a bit more glamourously for the day because of the Festival of Fashion so I made a bit more of an effort than normal and when I came in to work this morning my assistant manager said I looked very nice and my dress was lovely on me, she then said to the general manager "isn't Emma's dress lovely on her", to which she replied " I've seen it on her before". Now, believe me, at this stage I was in no way expecting her to comment on what I was wearing of her own initiative because it is just not in her nature to willingly compliment others, unless it is a customer and she is looking to make a sale and even then it is extremely forced and fake. But to give an answer like that just made me feel so sorry for her. To carry around that much pettiness and bitterness towards other people must take up a lot of energy, no wonder all she does all day is sit on her ass in the office or strut around the shop floor in her heels (which I might add she is only able to wear because she is never actually on her feet in the shop). I hate that it did but it put me in a bad mood for the rest of my shift.

I had a long chat with my friend Holly who works in the shop too on Monday about everything that is wrong with the place. It's not like I hate my job because I really don't. I work with really nice girls who I get on very well with. The only problem is the managers. I just have to keep reminding myself that it pays the rent and I do like it for the mostpart and I just have to try and let comments like that roll off my back. I won't let someone like her affect me, I just won't.

My mam and my little brother came over to my apartment on Wednesday night and we (well my mam and I) had a few drinks and we all watched Where The Wild Things Are and then a documentary about Fleetwood Mac, hence the post title. My sister came over after her work placement (she's studying midwifery) and my Dad came over after college (he's studying payroll technician). It was lovely to spend some time with them, my sister and I just started talking about TV and quoting Arrested Development while my Mam and Dad watched and laughed at their weird daughters.

This weekend Donnacha and I are going down to Carlow to see his parents so hopefully I'll get to do a post on Sunday night, maybe take some photos down there. Meanwhile I'll leave you with some photos of what I wore today for work;

TGIF!!! Have you got any plans for the weekend?

Love Em xxx


  1. Well I think you look lovely. Some people are so miserable with themselves that they want to bring people down with them by saying negative things. People like that dont deserve your energy. Brush it off your shoulder :)

  2. Aw thank you! That's so true!

  3. You do look lovely! Try not to let your manager's comments get to you. There are people like her everywhere, and they all have one thing in common. They aren't happy. It's best to respond with kindness or just not at all. That's what I've learned. Although, I'll admit it's hard sometimes.

    Hope you're having a great week so far!



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