Sunday, July 3, 2011

Outtakes and Cake

Hello Everyone!

Donnacha and I were joined by our friend Niall while taking outfit photos on Thursday (something that I only allowed because he promised not to look, yes I'm that bad!) Afterwards we went and got lunch and then coffee and cake in Accents (which I told you about recently).

Here are some outfit outtakes, some photos of us messing around and the cakes we had after lunch.



Can you spot an certain onlooker in the background?



Donnacha told me to pet the graffiti dog





Me and Niall messing with our glasses!



Strawberry Waffle Cheesecake


Chocolate Brownie


We played Jenga and Connect 4

We spent this weekend in Carlow at Donnacha's parents house. We had take out, sunbathed, went for a long walk, took two sets of outfit photos, chatted with the in-laws, slept in and caught up with friends. It was a lovely, relaxing weekend. It's always like a mini holiday going down there!

How was your weekend? Are my US readers doing anything special for July 4th? I'm in work very early tomorrow morning for sale preparation so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Emma x


  1. Donnacha looks fit as a fiddle and you're looking oh so lovely, Emma. These photos are filled with color, fun and spontaneity and it's great to see the two of you out and about. I attended a day long family gathering and cookout in celebration of the American Independence holiday. Tomorrow will simply be a day of rest. I hope that you enjoy a safe and happy week ahead, dear friend!

  2. Emma, You look so lovely! Those cakes, yum, must have been delicious! Glad to hear you had a great weekend! :)

  3. oh gosh dont you just love onlookers :) I have to agree with Shady and say that Donnacha is looking great as do you of course

  4. Your hair looks super lovely! Yum that cheesecake is making me want something sweet :) xo

  5. Hello, I tagged you on my blog for the top 10 skin care products!

  6. You look great! The shirt is so lovely with that print. I love the picture with the dog graffiti :)

  7. Emma these photo's are fantastic! They really show your natural beauty and character. So pleased to see Donnacha looking right as rain. x

  8. Lovely Pictures & you look great..... m a big fan of your hair style its amazing.

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