Sunday, August 14, 2011

60s Inspired Make up and a New Video

I am currently in my final 24 hours of being 24 years young. It's my birthday tomorrow and I plan on having a nice relaxing day starting with brunch with the ones I love. I am having a last night of being 24 celebration in my friends house tonight which will involve some very embarrassing Karaoke. 

I will take plenty of photos of my birthday celebrations but until then I will leave you with some photos of a make up look I did this week and my July Favourites video. Let me know what you think and please bear in mind I'm still learning so if anything is rough around the edges (including me) know that I'm learning to make everything more polished in my videos!


I tried the 60s middle part in my hair but got weirded out and changed it back to a side part.







I explained my make up look in the video below but I forgot to say that the eyelashes are the ends of some really big full strip ones. I used only the ends to get a more cat-eye look. That is all!

Emma x


  1. Hi Emma!

    I very rarely click through to videos, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yours - you are very charming on camera!

  2. Really pretty makeup!! I have never tried 60's inspired makeup, it looks great, maybe I should try ..:D Your video made me want to go and buy some new lipsticks..!

  3. Happy birthday to you, dear Emma! 25's a great age to be. When you're ancient like Shady, 52's a great age to be! (LOL) I hope you enjoy the celebration tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you. This is another wonderful tutorial and you certainly are charming as Roisin Muldoon put it. You have a pleasing personality and you actually do look more lovely on video. There was much less distracting traffic noise this time and that was quite an improvement. Happy birthday once again, dear friend!

  4. Your eye make-up is so beautiful!! Happy Birthday to you Emma :) Hope you'll have a fabulous day.

  5. I am going to have to see where I can get that essie nail polish. I am really liking the shade. It looks like it would go with just about everything. Also do you think you could you just fly over here everyone morning and do my eye makeup, it would be very much appreciated :)

  6. Happy birthday dear! I Hope you have a great night out and a wonderful day.

    I really love this look!! :) You are stunning as always. I'm so jealous of your hair.


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