Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Glossybox/ April Review

So I got two Glossyboxes this month, my April one arrived on the 10th and my May one arrived on the 24th, just two weeks apart. I was much more impressed with the delivery time with May's box as it arrived the day after it was dispatched. I think that's the way they need to do things in future.

May's box was the one year anniversary one and so I was expecting something a bit special. Here's what I got;






I was a little disappointed what with it being the anniversary box, they sent out a balloon to blow up (I have no idea why they thought we'd want a balloon, maybe for those with children?) and a compact mirror with the Glossybox name and logo on it which was a nice touch, even though I already have one that I carry around in my bag all the time, they always seem to break so I'll definitely use it at some stage.

This time there was only one full size product as opposed to last month when we got four full sized products. This was a pair of false eyelashes by Eldora and although I do wear false eyelashes from time to time, these ones are so huge and I would never feel comfortable wearing them.

I also got a sample sized shower gel by Noble Isle, a Clarifying Face Mask (for acne prone skin, which I don't have) by Murad, an All in One Hair Treatment spray by Uniqone and two half full perfume samples of Lolita Lempicka perfume.

I won't tell you what I think about the products until next month so that I have time to try them out but I wanted to go over the value of this month's box in comparison to last month's one. I did some calculations and altogether this box was worth approximately £25 / €31 / $39. That's including the perfume samples which considering they were half full, I combined and included as one perfume sample which I valued at 52p. But to be honest, I though it was a bit cheeky including a couple of perfume sample that are the same size as ones you'd get free from a make up counter. The most valuable thing in the box was the Murad Face Mask which contains £14 worth of product.

So it was worth £10 /€12 /$17 less than the April box. However that included eyelashes that I won't wear, perfume that I didn't like and a face mask for the opposite skin type to mine. So to me it was really worth a lot less.

That being said I've decided I'll keep up my subscription for at least six months and see how I feel after that.

Read on for my reviews of last month's products.


I really like this Ayuuri Natural Body wash. I don't love it but I like it. It contains Indian Rose to hydrate, dry, mature or sensitive skin, Jasmine to calm the body and mind and is good for sensitive and dry skin, Aloe Vera which is soothing, calming and cooling. Ayuuri are against animal testing and the products are paraben free, which I think is great. The body wash has a floral rose scent which might not be everyone's cup of tea but I liked it, it also lather's up easily and feels very moisturising. I like the packaging too, it's easy to use in the shower. 

This is available from the Ayuuri website for £4.95 and seems to be widely available in different supermarkets and pharmacies across the UK. I personally wouldn't order this online as it's too much hassle with shipping charges and all that, but I would buy it if they started selling it in Boots or a local pharmacy as it's a lovely product and is reasonably priced. 


I absolutely LOVE this hand cream from Yes! Nurse. It's £5.49 for a 50ml tube on their site or you can buy a monthly or bi-monthly subscription for £4.99 or as low as £3.63 when you refer a friend. It contains Active Manuka Honey, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ Oil, Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and White Willow Bark Extract. It also contains Vitamins E and B5 and Omega 3, 6 and 9!  So basically it's a party for your hands and smells lovely too! 

What I really love about this is that because it's been developed for busy nurses who wash their hands constantly, it has a really nutrient rich formula as you can see from the ingredients above, but it sinks into your skin so quickly and isn't greasy at all so you can put it on and just go about your business not having to wait for it to dry into your skin. I love this and I'll definitely be repurchasing it!


I've been hearing a lot about Caudalie products over the past year, in particular their Beauty Elixir which I've been dying to try out.  I've been wearing this serum under my moisturiser at night since I got it and for a 10ml sample I've actually gotten quite a few uses out of it. I don't think I would need to use it every day, maybe two or three times a week or if my skin was feeling particularly dehydrated. I definitely noticed a difference to my skin after leaving it on at night, the following morning it felt more hydrated and bouncier if that makes sense! 

It retails for £29 and that's for a 30ml size, according to the Glossybox info card. I actually couldn't find the size of it on the Caudalie site. I would definitely repurchase this and use it only when I felt I really needed it to hydrate my skin as it's quite expensive for me, although in comparison to other serums I've looked at, it's quite inexpensive!


This lip liner is the only product from the April Glossybox that I haven't been using almost everyday. In fact I only used it once as it's not a good colour for me. However after reading up on INIKA as a company I was really impressed. Here's the story if you want to read it yourself but basically it's an all natural cosmetics brand incorporating organic and vegan products and free from synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients.

I'm very impressed with the company and hope to find more retailers stocking their products soon as for now they are available to buy in AU$ from the site and from about 5 stockists worldwide. If you are vegan or in anyway worried about the chemicals in cosmetics, this is the brand for you. I tried the pencil on my lips just to test it out even though I won't wear it. The pigmentation is amazing and it has a smooth texture that doesn't seem like it will smudge too easily. I'll give the pencil to my mam as she wears this colour and see what she thinks.  



Last but not least is the Figs and Rouge Balm. What I really like about this balm is that it is 100% pure, natural and organic and they don't test on animals. This Rambling Rose Balm contains organic sunflower seed oil, organic shea butter, organics beeswax, organic rose geranium oil and organic geranium oil. Other scents include Sweet Geranium, Peppermint and Tea Tree, Pomegranate, Aloe and Mint, Wild Cherry and Coco Vanilla. 

I love the scent and texture of this it just melts into your lips and it's so smooth. I can't recommend this highly enough! There's also a great section on their website that gives you lots of tips on how to use the balm. It's such a great all in one product that you can use on your lips, body, hands etc. It retails at about €5 depending on where you buy it. I'll definitely be repurchasing this!


Sorry that this is such a word heavy post, but I want to keep the review with the photos from the new box. Have you signed up for a beauty box? Do you think it's worth the money?

Emma x

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dedicated To The One I Love

Yesterday Donnacha and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary together. I thought since I did the soppy, romantic post last year, I'd let the photos do the talking this year. So here's a small glimpse into our six year relationship...


My first visit to Donnacha's house in Carlow.


At the Movie Star Ball in 2nd year of college, he was Hunter S. Thompson and I was Mia Wallace.


At a friend's Mexican themed dinner party/sleepover.


At the first gig we saw Simon play.


Outside the shop where Donnacha worked throughout college.


On the way home from seeing Andrew Bird play. 

19 (3)

My 21st Birthday.


Filming in Galway.


Filming in the Dublin Mountains.

Emma's Photos 086

At Donnacha's cousins wedding


At a Masked Ball fundraiser for our college films.


Our Three year anniversary.


At a friend's wedding.


Graduating together!


At a Christmas Market. 


Just messing around on a night out. 


January 2010


My 24th Birthday.


Last year's anniversary


At my friend's wedding.


Hanging out on the beach in Winter last year.


At Kate and Eric's registry office ceremony.


Our first plane journey together.


Kate and Eric's rehearsal dinner.


In Italy at my sister's Wedding.


After dinner last night.

Here's to another wonderful 6 years!

Emma x

Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Tree

Today I want to share with you some photos of my family. I've had these photos in my possession since last year when I asked my grandmother (father's mother) if I could borrow them to scan so I have copies of them. They were in a really old photo album too that was falling apart so I wanted to get a new one to put them in for her. 

Anyone who knows my granny knows she's a great story teller and I must admit I love hearing about all the hijinks she used to get up to when she was younger. I had to Skype her yesterday so that she could tell me who the people were in some of the photographs and it got me thinking about how much has changed in the world since these photographs were taken. I bet she wouldn't have dreamed of something like Skype when she was my age!

I love learning about my family and it's great that my granny is able to tell me about the people pictured below, for me it's important to know where I came from and who my family are, if for nothing else than to remember them and learn about their lives. 


This is my great-grandfather Charles Downes, my granny's father. He was born in 1900 and died in 1990, so I got to meet him which is pretty amazing. I still remember the day of his funeral even though I was only 4. We used to call him 'Grandad with the stick' because he had a walking cane and we didn't understand what a great-grandfather was so it was my parents way of distinguishing him from my grandad. My granny said she thinks he was about 18 here, so it would have been taken around 1918. 


This is my great-grandmother Kitty on the right standing beside her sister Julia. She died when my granny was 14, in about 1947.


My granny, Elizabeth, second from the right in about 1939.


She's with her two brothers John and Charlie here.


The date on the back of this photo is November 1948, so she would have been about to turn 16 here. 


25th of January 1951 with a lady called Bernie Murray.



With a lady called Mary White




1952/3 with Carmel Gleeson.



11th January 1951


At the Zoo in Phoenix Park Dublin with Jenny Reid.






All of the above photos were taken in the early to mid 50s.



My grandfather Bartholomew Grimes. 



So that's a bit of my family history. I'm so thankful to have my grandparents around and that I live near enough to them that I get to see them regularly. Do you know much about your family? 

Emma x
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