Saturday, March 23, 2013

Me! Me! Me!

These are what I like to call my Barbie nails. I don't tend to wear pink nails that often but there is something about this colour that brings me back to my childhood and those bright pink boxes I opened at Christmas and Birthdays. 


Me! Me! Me! is one of the No7 Stay Perfect nail colours. These polishes have a large brush which is so easy to use and are opaque enough that you can get away with just a single coat. No7 products are available in Boots in the UK and Ireland and in Target in the US. The nail polishes retail for £6/€9. 

What nail polish have you been wearing recently?

Emma x


  1. What a cute colour! I am so boring that the only colour I wear on my nails is just red, perhaps I should try something else for a change :D

    1. I think you'd love pink Sara! it's so pretty!


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