Thursday, May 30, 2013

Optical Express Laser Eye Surgery

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I have previously discussed glasses and eye issues here. I consider myself very fortunate to have perfect vision, but some of my family members and my boyfriend are not as lucky. My mother just recently got a prescription for glasses after years of being in denial about her sight and squinting at everything. After months and months of pestering her to get an eye test, she finally made the appointment and got her prescription. I have to say I think her glasses look great on her but she always forgets to wear them and I still catch her squinting and chastise her for not wearing her glasses (it's funny how you take on the role of the parent sometimes).

I think it's hard for anyone who has has their eye sight deteriorate over the years to get used to constantly having to remember to put glasses in their bag just in case they might need to read something and for us women this is a lot harder as we tend to carry around a lot more than we need to in our bags so finding a glasses case can be hard when you're not wearing them (I only know this from trying to remember and find my sunglasses every day). It would be so much easier to not have to wear glasses at all.

I've asked my glasses wearing friends and family if they would ever consider having laser eye surgery and the consensus seemed to be that they would consider it if their sight got bad enough that it was really interfering with their quality of life. From what I have read and the people I know who have had it done, that seems to be the main reason for making the decision. I can't imagine what it's like to not be able to see properly and so the miracle of being able to fix that is something I know I would want to try. The people I know who have had Laser Eye Surgery  have all said that the procedure has changed their life for the better.

You can visit Optical Express if you want to learn more about having Laser Eye Surgery.

Would you ever consider Laser Eye Surgery? Have you had it done?

Emma x


  1. Hi, dear Emma! As you well know there is no stigma attached to wearing glasses in these modern times. Today's eye wear choices are many. Glasses make a positive and powerful fashion statement. In many cases women who wear glasses actually enhance their looks and their I.Q. instantly jumps 50 points! :) For the last two years I have been wearing glasses for reading, watching TV, driving and almost everything else. I don't know anyone who has had Laser surgery but my sister-in-law had cataract surgery and told me it transformed the quality of her life. She can see vivid color for the first time in years.

    Happy Thursday to you, dear friend Emma!

  2. Hi emma,

    Before thinking of having laser surgery, visit I had surgery abt 18 months ago - still in cinstant pain. The high street chains are interested in getting as much cash from you as possible, not in improving your sight. Email me at for further infio

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