Monday, July 28, 2014

Revlon Apricot Nectar

When I read about the Revlon Parfumerie range I was excited to try it out. I had never tried scented nail polish before so it was about time I gave them a go. Revlon polishes are up there with my favourite drugstore nail polishes so I had high hopes for this range. I bought the shade Apricot Nectar after seeing it on someone and loving the colour. 


The only reason I decided to write about this polish is because I loved the shade so much, however I was disappointed with the formula, brush and packaging. I found it difficult to apply because of the shape of the lid which was awkward to hold. The formula was thick and the brush was thin making it hard to get an even coat. The shade is very similar to Essie Tart Deco so I think I would advise anyone who likes this shade to go for that instead as I much prefer Essie's formula and brush.

I found it did last well, around 4 days without chipping which is standard for most polishes I use. To be honest, the scent didn't do it for me, as fun as the concept is, it didn't make up for the downfalls of the polish. They have some gorgeous shades in the range, Wintermint and Beachy in particular caught my eye but I don't know if I would buy another one because of the problems I had with this one. 

The Parfumerie range is priced at €8.99 in Boots. Have you tried any of these polishes yet? Did you have the same problems as me?

Emma x


  1. That colour is so pretty but WAY too much work! I haven't tried these, but think I will give them a miss...
    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

  2. Hi Emma..Love this blog.. even better its Irish!!! I was wondering if you have any tips for me and my new blog "Life By Smiles", would you be interested in guest blogging?:)

  3. That is such a pretty color! Boots is so perfect

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