Monday, November 3, 2014

Deep Wine

I picked up No7 Deep Wine back in Spetember when I was craving a more Autumnal nail polish. This shade is from their Gel-Look Shine collection which claims to have rich colour pay off in one coat, helps to smooth and plump nails so ridges can't be seen and the patented technology makes the polish tough and flexible to prevent chipping. 


I wore it for 5 days in which I was doing a lot, both working and travelling all around London and I had minimal wear on the tips of my nails before I took it off. I was very impressed with the wear time and I found it did all that it claimed it would. 


I've written about many No7 nail polishes before as they are some of my all time favourites. They are so easy to apply with the big brush and you only need one coat for full opacity which is so great for when you need your nail polish to dry quickly. 


I love this shade and it is surprisingly one that was lacking in my vast collection. I had classic red and deep burgundy but nothing in between until now. For €8 (or €4 with the famous No7 vouchers) I can't recommend these highly enough.

What's on your nails at the moment?

Emma x


  1. gorgeous colour! i don't have anything on my nails at the moment, but just might have to paint them a deep red tonight! i love this nail look!!

  2. Beautiful colour! It's years since I tried a No7 nail polish but this looks great


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