Friday, February 20, 2015

A Lasting Finish

As you've probably noticed I'm a huge fan of bright lipsticks and although I do wear bright lipsticks almost every day, I do love a good nude/ natural lip colour too. I think it's harder to find the right nude than it is the right red. 

I recently bought two Rimmel lipsticks from their Kate Moss Lasting Finish range in the shades 03 and 08 because I was looking for some everyday natural shades that I could wear to work when I felt like a more subdued make up look. I've gotten quite good at choosing shades to suit me and I think that these two are amazing nude and natural lip shades for my skin tone. 


03 is a great nude shade for fair skins. It's a peachy/brown warm toned nude that I think suits me well because it's not too pale. I've been wearing this a lot in work with some brown/bronze/taupe eyeshadows and/or some gel or liquid eye liner. 


Top- 08, Bottom- 03

As you can see 08 is more on the pink/brown end of the scale and it's quite similar to my own lip colour. I have two lipsticks from the matte Kate Moss range and I really love the formula, this was my first time trying the original range and I love this formula too. It's so easy to apply because of the creamy texture and yet lasts incredibly well throughout the day. 

It does have a scent which could bother some people, but I don't mind it at all. The packaging is sleek and practical and at €6.99, these lipsticks are affordable and great value for the quality and lasting power. I'm incredibly impressed, so much so that I've been wearing these as much as my bright lipsticks which is very unusual for me.


Have you tried any of these lipsticks? What's your favourite neutral lip product?

Emma x


  1. You'd have to pry 107 from my cold, dead hands. I've never looked at the other shades properly because literally every Rimmel stand I go to is in ruin. Testers missing, testers smudged into other colours, the lot. Good to see 'em swatched here.

    Congratulations on your outstanding achievement in the field of brows, btw.

    1. Omg 107 is my fave! I actually need to buy s new one mine is almost gone! Congratulations to you, my brow idol!

  2. Oh! I like that rosy brown shade. I'm going to comment on your awesome brow-ness too. Well jeal.

    1. Thank you Emma! Both shades are so easy to wear, I definitely think they would suit almost everybody


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