Sunday, September 19, 2010

She Could Have Been A Poet Or She Could Have Been A Fool

It rained heavily today so I stayed in my pjs and took some photos indoors. Here are the results;

I'm very glad I decided to stay in my pyjamas today because it didn't stop raining all day. I read blogs and listened to music most of the day and this evening we ordered pizza and watched Arrested Development so I was very very happy. Last night we had plans which fell through so we went to the movies to see The Other Guys with some friends (and snuck in some drinks, hehe!). Tomorrow we're going to Whelans to see Simon play with his band You Kiss By The Book and then we're having drinks for Donnacha's birthday.

On Monday I went to a surprise dinner in Drogheda for Jennifer, one of my best friends. We had all you can eat chinese food and it was yummy! I had duck pancakes, BBQ ribs, prawn sesame toast and cantonese duck.

Lisa, Jennifer and I. My two best friends!

I wanted to share some photographs for The Loved One a project started by one of my favourite bloggers Hannah Metz and Elvia Lahman. They are currently trying to raise funding to start their own vintage inspired lingerie line.

Aren't the photos great? I'm sure a lot of you have hears of Hannah already but if not be sure to check out her blog, it's very cute!

Hope you had a great weekend! I'm so happy I'm not in work tomorrow!

One of my favourite Smiths songs;


Love Emma xxx


  1. Hey lovely lady, thank you so much for the support! I've added you to our list of loved ones here:

  2. Hannah's images are so dreamy. I wish I had her confidence to take photos in my undies

  3. loving this inspiration
    thanks for sharing, keep up your great blog!
    and thank you so much for your comments, they mean the world to me!
    i'll be checking back for sure, want to exchange links?


  4. Love the photographs, and LOVE The Smiths, xx

  5. I love all your photos - the first and second especially. Thanks too for introducing me to The Loved One. It's a beautiful lookbook.

  6. Fantastic indoor pictures. I love the detailing. :)SarahD

  7. I love the photos and I think it´s a great idea: making a vintage-inspired lingerie line! really cool ;) I´m looking forward to their first collection!

  8. Cool photos! I love that you found interesting things to take pictures of at home xxx


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