Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage Fashion and Décor Fair 10/10/10

Okay, so you'll have to bear with me here, I have a lot of photos to get through from the Fair yesterday. Here they are;

My Beautiful Sister Kate

This car was from 1938!

My mam loved this bag, it was in such great condition

I squeezed in with the other photographers to take pictures of the beautiful ladies in the fashion show. This woman had the most beautiful hair!

I love this dress! It was so floaty. This model really reminded me of Casey

I loved this model's red hair, it was done up beautifully in curls

There was so many gorgeous vintage leather bags from all different eras

My granny was loving all the fur coats. She said she would give me her faux beaver fur coat as seen on me here. I'm so excited, I wanted it for ages. She has a real mink one too, but I don't think I'd be up for that


My mam kept putting hats on my head a
nd saying "oh that's gorgeous!". Heehee!
I have to admit I really liked these ones!

My mam started trying to sell hats to women who were trying them on. She's so funny!

There were medals from WWI!

The dancers were amazing!

These are minks according to my granny. So creepy!

An original Grease poster

The lovely gazebo again. Remember this from my birthday post?

You can sort of see my new hair colour here. It' a bit darker than my own hair colour and reddish too. What do you think?

Kate and Eric

If you managed to scroll down the long post to here, thank you! I hope these photos give you an idea of what the Fair was like. It was so much fun, even though I couldn't afford to buy anything, it was just lovely to see loads of girls dressed up in their vintage gear and talk to the ladies running the stalls and see so much fashion history. I can't wait til the next one, I'll have to keep some money aside for it.

I have another week off work in 5 and a half weeks so I have that to look forward to. Work is a bit sad at the moment because four girls have just handed in their notice so that's more people gone! But most of them have full time jobs now so it's great for them!

Hope you had a great weekend! Did you do anything fun?


Emma xxx


  1. Oh, wow!! Fantastic pictures. That vintage fair looks amazing!! Gorgeous outfit, also. :)SarahD

  2. How cool! Vintage overload. haha I'd be in heaven. Thanks for all the pictures! Your new hair color is so pretty. :)

    I did do something fun. I went to San Antonio, Texas for the Women of Joy conference then came home and saw my best friend for the first time in over 4 months. :)

    Glad you had a fun weekend and hope you have a lovely week!



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