Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do You Come Here Often?

As you may recall, I've mentioned before my love for Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry. Here is the cover of Bryan's new album Olympia graced by none other than Kate Moss, looking ravishing I might add (I'm not a huge fan of hers but I do like the cover).


If you know Roxy Music then you know they are not only famous for their music, but also for their record covers featuring known and unknown models. My favourite has always been the first one for Roxy Music. What do you think?

Roxy Music

For Your Pleasure


Country Life


And just for kicks, here's my favourite Bryan Ferry solo record cover;

Another Time Another Place

He's looks like a bit of alright doesn't he? But seriously, anyone who can get Kate Moss to be on their album cover must be pretty awesome! Heehee!

This is one of the reasons I love vinyl so much, because the covers can be works of art themselves so the bigger the better in my opinion. You don't get the same effect from a CD cover encased in plastic. My parents had a little vinyl collection and their love of music was passed onto me as was their vinyl collection of which I have taken the records I like. I always used to look at them when I was little and wonder what they were because we didn't have a record player in our house, only a cassette player and then a CD player. Donnacha bought me one a few years ago for my birthday (one of the best presents I have ever gotten) but it's gone a bit funny sounding so eventually I would love to get a proper old record player with proper speakers. That is my dream.

Here's the video to the first single from Olympia. I haven't really listened to it much yet so I must remedy that soon, but I am looking forward to it!


Love, Emma xxx

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  1. That new cover is just stunning.

    I absolutely love palmer's body lotion.....:)SarahD


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