Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Simple Song

I don't normally do these kinds of posts but I was so excited to hear this song yesterday I just had to share it with you. I've been waiting for a new album from The Shins since their last one was released in January 2007. It's been five years and I'm already loving the new stuff. I am crossing fingers and toes that they play here. I saw them in August 2007 and it was incredible. Please, if you don't know James Mercer and his friends, give them a chance. He writes the most beautiful music.

Emma x


  1. I defy anyone to remain depressed while listening to that song, Emma. It's fresh and exhilarating! Thanks for sharing, dear friend, and good night to you in Dublin town!

  2. They are a great band. I remember first hearing them in Garden State and running out to get the album.

  3. Thanks for this Emma - loved it! I think I'm going to pick up the album xo


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