Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Phoenix Park

The second day our friends were here we went to Phoenix Park in the north-west of the city. It is one of the largest enclosed city parks in Europe. It also contains the residence of the President and the US Ambassador as well as lots of deer and Dublin Zoo AND I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers play there with Pixies in 2004!

We walked around and saw the Wellington Monument, the Papal Cross (where the Pope gave an open air sermon in 1979), and the Magazine Fort (I have no idea what  a magazine fort is, all I know is it was built in the 1700s ).




The Wellington Monument which is 62 metres tall




The Magazine Fort





The black container in the photos above contained a Geocache list, we added our initials D-Lakes



The Papal Cross


Donnacha couldn't resist rolling down the hill


Ice Cream Van!





I had a lot of fun exploring Phoenix Park, to be honest I've never really walked around it before (except the zoo which isn't great). 

I hope you enjoyed my tour of this little (big) part of Dublin.

********The giveaway winners are Amber and Lucy as chosen from my trusty hat!********

Please check out their blogs if you get a chance as they are both the loveliest of girls! I will contact you both soon. I'll also be doing another giveaway next month!

How is your week going?

Emma x


  1. It looks like you all had so much fun!! I would love to make it to Dublin some day soon. Haha, I always feel the need to roll down hills like that :]

  2. Love the photos...and super jealous that you actually got to see the Pixies, even if it was in 2004! I'd pay money just to see Kim Deal blow her nose! Thanks for suddenly I want soft serve...

  3. You and your friends always do some clowning for the camera, Emma. I'm happy to see you enjoying yourselves out and about.

    Dear Emma, I invite you to visit my blog today when I publish my new post in the late morning Dublin time. I would like very much for you to help me wish a happy birthday to a very special lady who is turning 100 years old. Your sweet words would be greatly appreciated, dear friend Emma!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Sometimes you don't appreciate your own city until you see it through the eyes of a tourist.

    Thanks for the win - I'm chuffed to bits! :) x

  5. I was at that papal sermon! In my pram, but still.

  6. Yea I won! Good times. Looks like a good time was had by all especially Donnacha. Since all your friends live in the US then you should move here preferably to Connecticut :)

  7. Oooh the magazine fort sounds interesting. I had never heard of a Geocache liste either! I just looked it up and it's so cool. I would love to visit Dublin one day, hopefully I will so I can meet your lovely self. xx


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