Saturday, April 7, 2012

Such Great Heights

I was thinking about not bothering with any posts on my week of fun with my American friends but it was such a great week and I got to do and see some great things around Dublin and Ireland that I just had to share some of the sights with you all.

These photos are all from the first day when we went for brunch, took a long walk along the canal, went on a Ferris Wheel, took a quick walk around the Natural History Museum (and that night not pictured, had some wine and played games).



Brunch in the Lennox Café at Portobello. I had French toast and eggs.



You will have to watch this video, then this one, then the other parts of the first one to get what Big Joe is in reference to. If you don't want to I'll just say it's about Irish Travellers family wars and I applaud anyone who can understand what they are saying. 



Patrick Kavanagh bench by the canal


A derelict Undertakers



Katie and Ashley doing the Macarena. 


St. Patrick's Festival in Merrion Square




How creepy is this?


We met Eric and Kate




This is genuine terror on my face






"You don't even blink do you?"






Donnacha and I talked a bit about being nervous about the girls visit and worried we wouldn't click as well as we did when we first met (which was for a few days in December 2010). We needn't have been though as we fell straight into joking and laughing and messing around. I'm so thankful we accidentally met these girls on a night out a year and a bit ago, but it makes me sad that we can't just hang out whenever we want. It just makes me even more determined to save to visit them. 

More photos from the week coming soon!

This is a bit of an aside, I wanted to update you about my work situation seeing as I mentioned it a few posts ago. The past few weeks in work have been full of ups and downs, mostly downs to be honest. After such a great week off, coming back to the possibility of bad news was very daunting and I spent most of the week with the sick feeling in my stomach. We each had individual meetings with our manager to get the outcome of our scores according to the feedback forms we filled out. I had mine on the Thursday and I'm so thankful because I got the exact contract I wanted. I was so relieved but the feelings of happiness I had were short-lived with the news that several of my colleagues are going to lose their jobs and others' positions are up in the air as they've been downgraded and are unsure as to what to do.

It's a horrible thing to have to watch others going through disappointment, anger and uncertainty and especially considering there are things that were not dealt with correctly and people have suffered because of that. I'm sorry for being so cryptic but as the process is ongoing I don't want anyone involved to read this and get upset. The branch is losing some of it's best employees who I know have gone above and beyond with customer service and have made the company a lot of money so to us it makes no sense. All I can say is that it is their loss and it will be hard working without those colleagues who I get on with so well and rely on as part of the team so much.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a nice Easter weekend and eating lots of chocolate!

Emma x


  1. Hello, dear Emma! Fairs, festivals, foods and friends, and you with a smile on your face. It all makes me very happy for you. I am thankful that your job situation has stabilized. I also share your sorrow over the state of flux at your company and the loss of some of your friends. Life is very much like that roller coaster ride, isn't it, dear friend? Happy Easter to you and your family and Donnacha!

  2. Hi Emma! I sure am glad you decided to post these fantastic photos! It is hard to pick a favorite ... love the ferris wheel photos. Of course not the one of you being terrified. ;-) It was good to read how you and your friends fell back into place as if there had not been a separation. I always enjoy your food photos, the food looked delicious. It is sad the work situation turned out the way it has, some of the good employees getting the boot. Don't know why that is, it is difficult to put up with some of the nonsense in a working environment. I am happy you still have your job.

    Take care Emma, I am now headed to the store, it seems I live at a grocery store! he he I sure hope you and Donnacha have a good week. ♥

  3. What lovely pictures Emma, I especially love the fun fair and taxi dermy animals. I'm really happy to hear that your personal work situation is looking up, that must be such a relief for you. However I can tell that you are such a kind hearted person and seeing your colleagues having to go through such a tough time must really be affecting you. The only thing you can do is give them the support they need and hope that they find something that is going to make them and their situation a lot happier. Like Tom said, life really is such a roller coaster and the only way I know how to deal with the down times is by trying to stay positive. I hope you have a lovely week Emma and I look forward to seeing more from your friends visit. xxx

  4. arent Americans the best ;) Looks like you guys had a blast. I love the shot of you with the look of terror on your face.

    Well congrats on getting the contract you wanting. I know it must be hard to have to see others let go but there isnt much you can do about it. Just try to be there for them and be grateful for what you have, which I'm sure you are.

  5. looks like you had a fantastic time! i love how you are able to capture such fun moments on film! that ferris wheel photo is so great and your look of terror...i would be the same way! i am happy for you that you received the extended contract but i am sorry that you are having to deal with the other junk that comes along with it. that's no fun to see your friends in such a state as i'm sure it makes it hard for you to celebrate your accomplishments. you have such a big heart and obviously care deeply for your friends..
    p.s. some of those animals are creepy! :)

  6. Aww. Taxidermy always makes me sad. I just hate seeing stuffed animals. It kind of reminds me of a zoo. Zoos are the worst! All animals should be free to roam the wild and not locked up in cages at night and only let out during the day.


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