Saturday, June 9, 2012

Crystal Baby

I bought this Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby lipstick a couple of weeks ago after wanting it for quite some time. 



I love everything about this lipstick, the packaging is so pretty, the scent is subtle but really nice and inoffensive, the texture is smooth and feels moisturising and the colour is creamy and sheer enough to wear every day with any eye make up but yet you could add another layer for a richer colour. I feel like it's as close a colour to my own lip colour that I could find so it's a great neutral shade. According to the Estée Lauder site, it contains apricot kernel, shea butter and murumuru butter. It retails for €22/ $25/ £17.


I decided to photograph the eye make up I wore with the lipstick recently so you can get the full effect. 


Foundation- Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid
Eyeshadow- Urban Decay Lost and Midnight Cowgirl (Book of Shadows 4)
Mascara- Max Factor Lash Extension Effect
Liquid Eye Liner- L'oreal Super Liner

Emma x


  1. Wow, such a beautiful portrait of you! I love the look, your eyes are perfectly done and compliment the subtle lip color perfectly. I am not familiar with this latest shade but realize sometimes not all countries have the same Lauder products. On slow nights when I worked at Estee Lauder I would love to read through the huge manual of all their products.

    I just have to share something I am about to do. :-) I have a tube of Pure Color (Sunstone) and I have picked out almost every speck of lipstick. I was very curious about the lipstick color in the bottom of the tube, the clear part. I want to do an experiment, take mine apart and see if it is actual lipstick. It is a pretty design but it would be so much better if this extra amount of lipstick was included for the customer to use. Of course that means we have to buy a new tube $ooner.

    Enough of my nonsense for now, thank you for sharing your makeup tips. BTW, I wrote down the names of your mascara and eyeliner. I was not familiar with Invisible Fluid foundation. ♥

    1. Cindy! Thanks so much for your comment! I hadn't heard of the invisible fluid foundation until recently but I wanted to try it for summer instead of my double wear light as it's a lot lighter consistency. I have to say I really like it, I'll do a review soon!

      Let me know how you get on with your experiment! I wondered the same thing, it looks pretty anyway, even if it doesn't do anything!

  2. J'aime beaucoup la couleur de rouge a levre!!!Super!
    Angela Donava


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