Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Glossybox/ May Review

My June Glossybox arrived on Monday exactly on time. This month's one is a lot better than last months but the April one is still my favourite of the three I've received so far. 




This month's box included two full size products, a Glossybox Blush Brush valued at £15/ €18.50/ $23.50 (I'm not sure where they're getting this price from as I've done some research and it doesn't seem to be on sale anywhere, but I'll update you on that in my review next month), the other full size product is a HD Brows Precision Tweezers valued at £19.95/ €24.70/ $31.30. The three other products were samples. A 1g BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer which is £2 worth of product. A 20ml Green People Sun Lotion and Tan Accelerator with SPF15 which is £2.60 worth of product and lastly a Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream Stick starter kit with 6 1g samples of each shade, assuming you use a maximum two of the shades for your skin tone this is £3.15 worth of product. 

Therefore June's Glossybox has a total worth of £42.70/ €52.90/ $67, which is the most yet. I'll let you know next month how I get on with everything, but I'm already very impressed with the tweezers!


Now for the reviews of last month's products. I'll start with the Lolita Lempicka perfume samples. I received the L'Eau en Blanc and the Eau de Parfum. 



With most perfumes I can spray them once and know if I like them or not. With others they grow on me as I wear them throughout the day. One of my favourite perfumes Burberry Weekend was one such "grower" which means I'm not quick to judge on first sniff. However my first impression with both of these perfumes was "yuck". It's hard to review a perfume because scents are such a personal thing and I find my sense of smell is so sensitive that I have to really try out a scent before I commit to buying it and even then it's rare that I can commit to any larger than a 30ml bottle of perfume.

On second and even third sniffing I found the scents did grow on me. I definitely preferred to Eau de Parfum, the only way I can think to describe both scents is as grown up versions of teen perfumes. The Eau de Parfum is quite musky whereas the L'Eau de Blanc smells like Parma Violets to me. I don't like either enough to pay the €45.90 they cost. I think I'll stick to my Burberry Weekend that's €16 on offer in Boots!



You can see below that the samples weren't even filled to the top, they were less than half full. I really think this is a cop out as most make up counters will give these out for free if you ask nicely enough. 


Okay so now for something a bit more positive. I loved the Noble Isle shower gel. It smells divine and the little bottle is perfect for travelling with. Having said that at £20 for a 250ml bottle I think I'll stick with my Soap and Glory Clean On Me for £5.50!


I'm still undecided about this Uniq-One 10-in-1 Hair Treatment. It seems to be available in hair salons in a few countries which you can find on their website. I put in into damp hair and let it air dry, it's supposed to do ten things all at once but I didn't notice a difference as the sample was only big enough for two uses. For €14 I'd be willing to buy this to try it out properly as the sample wasn't really enough for me to be able to tell if it works for my hair. It would really have to make a noticeable difference for me to switch from my beloved K√©rastase. It smells amazing though! It's quite a strong fragrance and I can see that that may not be for everyone but I loved it. 


These Eldora Lashes are beyond ridiculous! I held them up to my eye and I don't even know how I'd be able to see wearing them! They retail for £3.90 from the Eldora UK website and after having a look they seem to have a huge selection including individual eye lashes, fashion eye lashes and ones made with real human hair! To be honest after using No. 7s eyelashes I don't think I'd be bothered trying another brand, they're just so easy to wear and with the Boots €7.50 off No.7 vouchers they are so inexpensive and look incredible. 


When you subscribe to Glossybox they ask you to fill in a Beauty Profile in which you say your skin type, hair colour, scent preferences, where you buy products etc. which is why I was rather surprised to receive this Acne Treatment Mask from Murad. I had been wanting to try Murad products for a while as I've heard a lot of positive things about them. However I think giving someone who has 'normal' skin a mask for Acne is a bit ridiculous, especially since they have a lot of other products for other skin types. This is where attention to detail in these Beauty Boxes really makes a difference. It would make far more sense to give a sample of a product aimed at 'all skin types' or 'combination skin' to cover more bases.

I've used this mask a few times when my skin has felt particularly in need of a deep cleanse. However as it's not aimed at my skin type I don't feel like I can properly review it. It contains ingredients to comfort and calm irritated skin, protect and heal skin and antioxidants to prevent damage so I suppose that's something most people need. I wouldn't use this on dry skin as it might overwhelm it. At $37 it's out of my price range anyway so it's probably good that I wasn't mad about it! Oh and because it contains sulphur it doesn't smell great either. 


Finally I got a Glossybox compact mirror. I guess these are always handy to have with you. 



All in all seems like there were more misses than hits in this box with only one product I would really fork out the money for. However sometimes it's good to try out new products and not like them, it makes you appreciate the products you do use and confirm that you're using things that are worth the money you pay for them. I'm excited to try out the products in this month's box so check back next month for that post. 

Emma x


  1. I must admit, those lashes look like so much fun. I would def wear them on a night out! :)

  2. I cant believe the perfume samples werent filled to the top. Thats BS! These sample boxes are looking less and less appealing

  3. My samples were half empty last month too, I wasn't impressed! But this month's box is actually a lot better - you can see my review on it here:

    Kate xx


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