Monday, June 2, 2014

A Thousand Words #4

I've been slacking a lot on posting recently and even though it's the first day of June, I wanted to share some of what I got up to during April. If you want to see more, check out my instagram


Summer florals haul from Accessorize

April InstaNails Collage


Clarks Carousel Ride, the perfect nude ballet flats


Roses de Chloé, my new favourite scent


The beginnings of Summer in Stephen's Green


OOTD in Dun Laoghaire


Pre-gig Blue Moons


Kurt Vile in Whelans


Seeing my face on the No7 leaflet for the first time in-store. You can read about my experience here

April InstaTBT Collage

TBT- Kate and I, My first school photo, Myself, my cousin Sean and Kate on the north beach in Skerries


Gorgeous floral themed windows in Brown Thomas


Chocolate chunk cookies with Dairy Milk and Milky Bar


Reading some Moomin books


Beauty in the strangest of places


Grafton Street looking beautiful drenched in sunshine

April InstaFood Collage

Pear and almond tart in Le Petit Parisien; Chocolate, pear and almond tart in Queen of Tarts; Chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich in Eddie Rockets; Carrot cake muffin in Avoca


Celebrating Record Store Day with the first record I ever bought


Mother's Day




Ramen in Wagamama


Moxie, the loveliest dog


Moomin, courtesy of my BFF Lisa


Looking through my school art projects while moving


All you can eat Chinese food with the BFF


Filming for in Boots


Cronuts at the Kate Moss X Topshop breakfast launch


Featured in U Magazine

April InstaSelfies Collage

Coral dress, lips and nails; Testing out the new Bourjois lipsticks; Blood Orange San Pellegrino; The first iced coffee of the Summer

As you can see I had a pretty action-packed April. I try to keep my instagram photos happy and positive, but what you don't see here is all of the heartache and sadness as I moved out of my apartment. Unfortunately Donnacha and I have gone our separate ways and I wanted to write about it here because this blog began as one that documented my life and for almost 8 years, my relationship with Donnacha was one of the biggest parts of my life. He was also the biggest supporter of my blog and without his love and constant help with everything from taking my outfit photos to proof reading, this blog would most definitely not exist. 

Sometimes it's hard to understand things that happen in our lives, we can feel like we've lost control and would give anything to have that control back. It's sometimes very difficult to understand yourself, let alone explain to the people around you how you feel and make them understand. I'm not a perfect person, I am flawed, I am human, I make mistakes, probably on a daily basis and sometimes you really don't know what to do or what decisions to make and it can be overwhelming. 

Obviously I don't want to go into the ins and outs of my relationship on such a public forum, I don't think that would be fair or necessary. I just wanted to acknowledge that Donnacha is an amazing man, one in a million in the truest sense of the phrase. Anyone who is lucky enough to know him knows how special he is. I want to thank him for being there from the start of Ol' Green Eyes. He was there when I came up with the idea of starting a blog, he patiently took countless beautiful photographs for me, taught me how to use editing software and allowed me to use his camera whenever I wanted to. He was always the first person to read every one of my posts even if 99% of them didn't interest him at all. For these things and so much more I am truly thankful. 

Change is hard. You find yourself adjusting because you have no other choice, I've gone through a lot of major life changes over the past year and I am still learning, about myself and about other people, I am making the best of difficult situations, it's the only thing I can do. 

"You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them", I always loved that quote from To Kill A Mockingbird, but I never really understood it until recently. 

I also wanted to share this with you to explain why things have been so sporadic here over the past few months. My living situation is still up in the air as is my work situation so it's been difficult trying to get back to regular blogging, both reading and writing, with so much going on, so thank you for bearing with me. 

I hope you all are well, thank you for your continued support, you don't know just how much it means to me.

Emma x


  1. Hello, dear Emma! This certainly has been a year filled with change. As you pointed out, some of the changes have been in the form of heady new experiences and unprecedented recognition. Other changes have brought sadness, heartache and instability. These are the plot twists of our lives and all we can do is keep moving forward, confident that we will find our way. I am truly sorry that you and Donnacha separated. As you know I have been following you for a long time and feel like I've come to know a lot about you both. Donnacha is indeed a fine man and he did contribute immeasurably to the success of your blog.

    Your ubiquitous ad campaign makes you seem like a secret agent - No 7 :) I am very proud of your accomplishments, Emma. This is a fabulous array of pictures. I love Kitser the kitty and Moxie, the loveliest dog.

    Thank you for a wonderful post and all that you revealed in it, dear friend Emma. Have a great week!

  2. I still need to try a cronut!! Moxie looks awesome and also delighted with you working with No7!

  3. Hopefully the summer sunshine will bring some good fortune your way! Love all the pictures. I want that plush Moomin! :)



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