Monday, June 13, 2011

There in the Midst of it so Alive and Alone, Words Support Like Bone

On Saturday we took advantage of the good(ish) weather and got the train to Skerries to visit my family. We went for a walk along the beach and harbour, which was super windy and chilly for mid June which is why I'm wearing a scarf and long sleeves on the photos below! We also had a delicious dinner which my parents made for us and had dessert with my granny.

June11 2

June11 3

June11 4

June11 5

June11 6

June11 7

June11 9

June11 10

June11 12

June11 11

June11 13

June11 14

June11 15

June11 16

Photos by Donnacha and I

Thank you all for the lovely messages about my blog anniversary, each one meant so much to me because I wouldn't still be doing this if it wasn't for your support and kindness.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! This week I'll finally be posting about my experience at the Forbidden Fruit festival last weekend and I also have my first video post in the works!

Your music for this post is from Peter Gabriel. My father is a huge Genesis fan and we grew up listening to both Genesis and Peter Gabriel so we were sort of brain washed into liking him. I'd say most people remember him as having those wacky videos in the 80s but he is such an amazing songwriter and has a voice I could listen to all day. Here is one of my favourite Peter Gabriel songs, Enjoy!

Emma x


  1. Hi, Emma! It's wonderful to see those enchanting green eyes of your again. It's hard for me to believe that anybody living south of the Arctic Circle would need to bundle up the way you did over the weekend. Right now I would love to feel that cool, refreshing, invigorating breeze on my face. I very much enjoyed this Gabriel song and all of the unique images used in the video. The wacky clip promoting "Sledgehammer" was a huge hit on the MTV broadcast outlet where I worked as a production manager in the 80s and 90s. I hope you have a very pleasant week, dear friend!

  2. Emma, that scarf is absolutely stunning! The delicate brocade print comes out beautifully in that photo as well. And yes, I agree with Shady Del. Your eyes in the close up shots are always amazing!

  3. I'm with you on Peter Gabriel. Games Without Frontiers is such a great song. My little girl loves the song he sings at the end of WALL-E. It makes me cry every time! xx

  4. Emma!!! This harbor front is gorgeous!! I'm so jealous, ours is... well shit. Its ugly, not kept up, bird poo everywhere, old factories falling down around it. This one is so magical!

  5. Oh wow it all looks so beautiful! I am pining for the sea right now so pictures like yours make me very happy. Hope you had a lovely time. x


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