Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pay Us No Mind

Last Saturday Donnacha and I went along to Michael Kiwanuka in the Sugar Club with support from The Staves. I had never heard The Staves before and I now wish I had gone along to the acoustic session Donnacha filmed with them that morning but alas I was fast asleep having cuddles with my pillow.




Photos by Donnacha

I had heard a few songs by Michael Kiwanuka and had been recommended going to see him be several people and I wasn't disappointed. He has an incredible voice that you could listen to all day. However it was the support band that I liked even more. The Staves are Emily, Camilla and Jessica Stavely-Taylor, three sisters from Watford, England. They have goosebump inducing harmonies and I won't do them any justice with words so please listen...

and this is the video Donnacha and the boys from Cock and Bull Tv filmed

Emma x


  1. You're so right, Emma. When all three join in and their voices blend they produce goosebump inducing harmonies. Amber Blue Bird's gonna love this! I hope your foot's all better now and that you're having a fine weekend, dear friend!

  2. You lucky lady! Shady is right, I love this band! The Staves definitely remind me of Fist Aid Kit, another band of talented ladies I adore. I had only heard Mexico before but Pay Us No Mind is another gem. I have got to move to Ireland and make friends with you and Donnacha and the boys so we can gush over our love for indie music (especially Warpaint) and then you can take me with you on your musical adventures. That would be the life!

    1. I would love that very much, although you would not love dublin today as it's raining and all the crazies are out in full force! I'm glad you like 'em!

  3. I can understand you being fond of the Staves, I was sitting here thinking of the voices of three angels. The floating, falling and flowing leaf animation was beautiful. I also loved Donnacha's video of them singing in the art gallery. You and Donnacha are one creative couple! ♥

  4. oh, you lucky girl! i too, just recently discovered the staves and fell instantly for them...aren't their harmonies just dreamy?!!!


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