Friday, March 2, 2012

I've Got A Castle On My Wall At Home

A little outfit post for you today! I'm going to go watch Eastbound and Down with my friends and have some cereal. We just had some of my homemade guacamole and watched Kate and Eric's wedding video! I'll be posting a bit of it somewhere so you guys can take a look if you want. 







Dress, Bangle and Cardigan- Monsoon
Rings, Earrings and Scarf- Accessorize
Belt- Dunnes
Shoes- Marks and Spencers
Nails- Essie Glamour Purse and Cocktail Bling

I love this scarf, I waited until it was 70% off in the sale in work to buy it and I'm so glad because it was a really good price and it's so warm, not that I need it anymore because it's been so mild lately!

Also, the two nail polishes I'm wearing here are two of my new favourites. My mam and I saw Glamour Purse on the air stewardess on the way to Rome and asked her what she was wearing and I saw Cocktail Bling somewhere else so I bought them both online (because I don't know where to buy Essie here if it's even available anywhere). I've also been wearing the rings and belt a lot too. 

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my video and my job and my foot. They really cheered me up! 

Take a listen to the music of Walter Schreifels. Donnacha introduced me to him when we first started going out and he is now one of my favourite musicians ever. If you don't know who he is, he plays with Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools, Quicksand and Walking Concert below! Enjoy!

Emma x


  1. Very pretty outfit, Emma! I listend to the video and agree that Walter and Walking Concert have a fresh, vital sound. I enjoyed them! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

  2. You look so pretty. I love yellow belt you paired with the outfit. I'm digging the sound of Walter Schreifels. Reminds me a bit of Phantom Planet. Have a sublime weekend sweets!

  3. Hi Emma! You have such a lovely blog, so I have awarded you with the SevenxSeven blog award! Check it out!

  4. This outfit is lovely! It totally inspires me to put something like this together from my closet! I love your gray nails as well, it's a pretty color.


    1. Thanks Jenn! Checking out your blog now!xx

  5. You look so beautiful in these photos, Emma x

  6. So pretty, as always. I love your rings. I really want to start researching Crystals and their meanings. I love Rival schools, Walter is cool. xx


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