Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm The Moron Who Dances

Hello Everyone! 

Here are some photos from last weekend on a beautiful sunny Winter's day. 

H1 H3 H5 H7 H6 H14 H12 H13 H20
Photos by Donnacha

Jacket- Penneys/Primark
Skirt and Shoes- Marks and Spencer
Shirt and Sunglasses- ASOS
Jumper- Dunnes
Bag- Coach via eBay
Necklace- Topshop
Rings- Vintage
Brooch- Vintage (my aunt's)

Since I got back from Paris things have been so hectic and I needed to take a step back. I'm happy to have done that and now I can get back to blogging properly. I'm planning on doing a proper in depth catch up post next week after I get back from London (which I will also tell you about). 

How are you all? Let me know! 

Emma x


  1. That's a very cool winter outfit, Emma! I love the color combination. You've been doing your share of globetrotting and I am eager to read about your adventures. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!

  2. Love all your layers, looks cosy but very stylish!

  3. I like your nail polish. Nice alternative to red for Christmas.

  4. Stunning! you are so pretty misses. Seriously. Looking forward to your post after your travels!! x

  5. Eeps forgot to say HAVE FUN! :)

  6. Great outfit Emma! I love the second picture, you look amazing! :)

  7. Loving the small details in this outfit, makes it really special!


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