Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 in Nails

I didn't photograph nearly as many nail shades as I would have liked to last year considering how often I paint my nails. This is but a tiny selection of my hefty collection (rhyming unintentional).


1. Lavendairy
2. Me! Me! Me!
3. Blanc
4. You're Such A Budapest
5. Beauty And The Beach 2
6. Amande Défilé
7. Hot Lava
8. Soft Peach
9. Evening Opulence
10. Velvet Voyeur
11. Rock N Roll Red

There were a few new nail discoveries for me this year. The Lime Crime nail polish really impressed me and I want to add more shades to my collection for Spring/Summer because they're all such pretty pastel shades. I also got into trying new base and top coats and my favourites were Seche Vite and CND Stickey Base Coat. Both I found worked really well together and made the polish last for days and days without chipping. My most worn nail brand was definitely No7, I think they are one of the best "drug store" nail brands. My most worn shades were No7 Hot Lava during the Summer and Essie Velvet Voyeur since the beginning of Autumn.

I have lots of nail shades that I want to share with you in 2014. What was your favourite polish of 2013?

Emma x

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  1. So many beautiful shades - I rarely wear nail varnish mainly because I'm so bad at taking it off again before it becomes all chipped and unsightly!! The red and gold above is my favourite. I've also been loving the Bourjois mascara which you recommended a couple of months ago - so thanks for the tip off :) Was also wondering what you use for your eyebrows as they always look so lovely - do you use several products or do you have any all-in-one product you can recommend?


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