Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'll Leave My Love Between The Stars

We took these photos in a local park on the day David Bowie died. I know I've talked about my love for him on the blog before. Since I first saw Labyrinth at a young age, to realising he was an unbelievable artist and falling in love with his music, he has always been a presence in my life. It's rare that the death of a celebrity makes me cry, but this one hit me hard. We actually went to see a special charity screening Labyrinth in the cinema last weekend with my best friend who would have watched it with me countless times growing up, so it was lovely that we got to do that together and celebrate the Goblin King. 

DB8 DB4 DB14 DB15 DB11 DB13

Jumper- Marks and Spencer Airspun Cowl Neck Jumper
Trousers- Dorothy Perkins (similar here)
Trench Coat- London Fog (similar here)
Boots- Clarks Bizzy Beat
Hat- Accessorize Luxe Cossack Hat
Socks- Topshop (similar here)
Lipstick- MAC Mehr

I got this trench coat in a charity shop last year for €10. The brand is London Fog and their coats usually retail for around €150 so I think that was my biggest bargain of last year. It also has a detachable tartan wool lining so it's very warm but can also be worn in milder weather once the lining is removed. I had it dry cleaned when I bought it and it needed a few buttons replaced which I did myself but I've gotten so much wear out of it and the quality is amazing so I'd definitely recommend checking out London Fog if you're looking to invest in a good quality trench coat.

I've written about my love for Clarks shoes countless times here. I just think in terms of comfort, quality and style, they are so underrated. The amount of times people are shocked when I tell them my shoes are Clarks, they still seem to have a reputation for being a bit sensible but they have the most beautiful stylish shoes every season. These pointed ankle boots are so comfortable and flattering, they're the perfect height so that they elongate my legs instead of cutting them off. They're also super soft and comfortable.

I've been loving wearing my faux fur Doctor Zhivago hat in the colder January weather. It's surprisingly warm and I think it amps up the style of the most basic outfit. I just got this one at the start of the Winter, but I've had a cossack hat for years and it's something that I find never goes out of style. Mine may not make me look like Julie Christie, but I love it all the same!

What have been your Winter wardrobe staples?

Emma x

PS. You can see the make up look I wore in this post, here.

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