Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea

Last week I went for afternoon tea in the Westin hotel for the second time. The first time I had the Traditional Afternoon Tea and it was such a luxurious experience that I was so excited to go back again. My lovely work colleagues got me a voucher for A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea for my birthday back in August and last Friday I finally got around to booking it.

When we arrived we were brought into the Atrium parlour, a room just off the larger Atrium lounge. There was a table reserved for us which had plenty of space around it and a gorgeous big couch. I was so happy I waited until the Christmas season to book it because the room was decorated with Christmas decorations and it added so much warmth to the experience.

You can order two different Afternoon Teas if you didn't like the sound of the more adventurous Most Peculiar Afternoon tea, but we opted for two of the same as we'd already had the other one.

We were brought our cocktail in a teapot first which was a delicious gin mojito and gorgeous Hendrick's gin teacups (I'm dying to get some for myself!) Obviously if you're not a gin fan or if you don't drink alcohol I'm sure you could substitute the gin for another spirit or for tea or coffee. When we went for the Traditional Afternoon Tea we had several different coffees and the waitress made sure we were topped up at all times. I was full of caffeine by the time I left.

The waitress brought out the three-tiered stand and went through each item on it with us. My boyfriend waited patiently with a rumbling stomach while I took some photos and then we tucked in. 

AT1 AT2 AT25 AT5 AT23 AT6 AT17 AT8 AT9 AT13 AT16 AT15 AT7 AT18 AT26 AT27 AT22 AT20 AT11 AT28 AT30 AT3

Everything was delicious! Both savoury and sweet were equally amazing. I love how they have created such an unusual afternoon tea with really tasty combinations of food. The banana bread on the middle tier was probably the nicest banana bread I've ever tasted (the cinnamon and honey butter was incredible). The presentation of the little jars and spoons and cones all added to the "peculiar" theme. 

We ordered coffee to go with the desserts which ended up costing €4.50 each which is fairly standard for a 5 star hotel. The Traditional Afternoon Tea is €32 and this one is €34, I loved the cocktail but I think if I was to go again I would get coffee or tea instead as I think it goes better with the food. 

The main reason I wanted to write about this is that I think it's such a great gift to get for someone. I got my sister a voucher for afternoon tea for Christmas last year and she loved it. I've since gotten them for a couple of other people and anyone who goes always says what a great experience it is. It's a little afternoon of five star luxury in beautiful, calm surroundings and you're made to feel very special. If you're struggling to think of a gift for someone this Christmas, perhaps your parents or in-laws or anyone really, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy it. 

Most hotels do some kind of afternoon tea, some of the better ones in Dublin (or so I've heard) include the Shelbourne, the Westbury and the Dylan

Have you ever been for afternoon tea? Would you like to receive this as a gift?

Emma x

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