Monday, February 20, 2017

Birkin Brown

Birkin Brown is one of those rare shades that is completely unique to my lipstick collection. It's not a shade I would have gravitated towards at all had I not seen it on Viola from Killer Colours. I put off buying it thinking it probably wouldn't suit me or I wouldn't wear it too much. Then one day before Christmas I was in Arnotts and passing the new Charlotte Tilbury counter and decided to ask the sales assistant if I could try it on. This is something I don't think I've ever done before, I usually know straight away if a shade will suit me. However seeing as this is quite a unique shade and costs €30, I thought it would be best to try it out first.

So as you can see I ended up buying it and I'm so glad I did because I love how it looks on. I already knew I loved the Matte Revolution formula, I have Red Carpet Red, Secret Salma and Pillow Talk  and all three are beautiful. 


What makes this formula different from your average lipstick is that it contains lipstick tree and orchid extract that protect the lips from UV damage and pollution as well as soften and hydrate them. It also contains 3D glowing pigments to make the lips look more full. The formula is silky smooth thanks to a combination of triglycerides, oils and waxes. 

I love the texture of these lipsticks, they apply so smoothly and feel hydrating and comfortable throughout the day. However I don't find them as long lasting as some of the other matte lipsticks in my collection, they most definitely benefit from using a lip liner first, depending how long you need them to last. The Charlotte Tilbury website recommends Iconic Nude or Foxy Brown depending on your skin tone. My friend has Birkin Brown too and said that Hollywood Honey is a great match for it but I reckon any liner in a similar shade would work to just give it a bit more lasting power. 


I tend to keep the rest of my makeup quite minimal when I wear it because I feel like it's quite a statement shade. It took a bit of time to get used to such a strong, unique colour but I think it has enough of a hint of red in it that it's still very flattering despite it being predominantly brown. I also really like that on the Charlotte Tilbury site there are photos of the lipsticks on an array of different skin tones making it easier to tell if a shade will suit you.

What do you think of Birkin Brown? Do you know of any similar shades to this one?

Emma x

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