Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Selfie Ready- Clarins Spring Collection 2019

Last month I went along to a Clarins event for the launch of their new Spring Collection. I'm a big fan of their skincare but having not tried any makeup from Clarins in a long time, I was very excited to see the collection. I love their mascaras, the Instant Concealer and Instant Light Lip Perfectors and the Lip Oils but other than that I haven't tried a lot from their makeup range.

We received press samples of the collection which included the Ready in a Flash Eyes & Brows Palette (€39), the Instant Poreless Pore-Blurring Matifying Primer (€27) and the Glow 2 Go Blush and Highlighter duo (€29). We were also colour matched to the Skin Illusion Foundation (€34) which although not part of the collection, was the perfect accompaniment as it is supposed to be a natural, hydrating foundation with light coverage, perfect for Spring. I was particularly excited to try the foundation as I've never tried a Clarins foundation before. 


I'll start with the foundation because it's the first thing I tried. As far as I know, this incarnation of Skin Illusion was released last year as a reformulation of the previous Skin Illusion foundation. There are only 22 shades of the foundation and sadly very few darker shades which automatically means a lot of people won't be able to wear it. Here's hoping brands will continue to add both darker and lighter shades to their foundations in order to be more inclusive of all skin tones. I was matched to Shade 101, Linen which is a fair shade with warm undertones and it definitely looked a lot more yellow than I'm used to when I first applied it. I would probably have gone for the shade Porcelain if I had chosen myself. However because it's such light coverage once I had blended it out it was perfectly fine. 

It took me a few applications before I managed to be completely happy with the foundation. The first time I tried it I think I used too much and found it sat on my skin, the second time it really emphasised any dry skin on my face which rarely happens to me, but I was testing it out when I was sick and blowing my nose a lot so I waited until I was better and made sure my skin was exfoliated and hydrated and by the third or fourth time I was so impressed with how it made my skin look. The claims for Skin Illusion make it sound like an almost perfect foundation for me. It's meant to give a bare skin effect, hydrating, natural radiance, serum texture, anti-pollution complex and has Clarins plant-based oil expertise. It also has SPF 15 but to be completely honest, for me anything less than SPF 30 is pointless so I would use a separate SPF under this if I knew I was going to be outside.

It has a glass bottle with a dropper which let's be honest, isn't most peoples preferred foundation packaging however I know it has to have that packaging because it's a more liquid formula. If I was travelling with this I'd probably decant it into a small plastic pot to make it more travel friendly. I also found that a little goes a long way. My advice is to try a few drops and then build it up if you need to. The formula makes it very easy to blend and straight away my skin was noticeably radiant. Hopefully you can see that in the photos below. Some of the plant ingredients include a type of seaweed called Jania that helps to eliminate dead skin cells and promotes a clear complexion (it also is known to moisturise, protect and hydrate the skin). It also contains an ingredient called Kalanchoe Pinnata, known as the Leaf of Life or Miracle Leaf which is used medicinally for many different purposes and in skincare it helps the synthesis of hyaluronic acid which boosts hydration.

I found it best applied with a complexion sponge at first but then I tried it again with a brush and that worked just as well. You could also apply with your fingers as it's such a light texture. After a rocky start which can most likely be attributed to my skin acting up, I'm so impressed with how my skin looks with this foundation. I also spritzed the new My Clarins RE-FRESH Hydrating Beauty Mist on before applying it and it worked really well to make blending it even easier. It gave my skin such a glow but didn't cover too much, it just looked like I had amazing, even toned and radiant skin. It also lasts on me surprisingly well for a hydrating foundation. I love that it's not just a foundation, Clarins have done their research and added ingredients that treat the skin as you're wearing it which as I'm getting older is an essential for me in a foundation. At €34 for a 30ml bottle, I think it's quite reasonable in comparison to more expensive foundations. The light coverage won't be for everyone, but I love it and I can see myself wearing it a lot in the Summer.


Next up is the Ready in a Flash Eyes & Brow palette which I was very excited to try. It has the cutest packaging that's supposed to look like a smart phone, it's plastic and compact and therefore great for travelling or popping in your bag if you like to take makeup out with you. It contains 4 matte shades, 2 of which are meant for brows but can be used as matte eyeshadows either. It also has two 'Eyelighter' shades, a beautiful metallic gold and rose gold which can be used dry or with a damp brush for more intensity. They pair perfectly with the matte shades underneath and I was really surprised by how versatile the palette is considering there aren't that many shades in it. You can see below three of the looks I created using the palette. The standout shade for me is the rose gold. It's just such a stunning shade worn alone or as you can see used in a halo eye look. I tried the brow powders and they worked best for me mixed together. Although I'm not a huge fan of the heavy brow look, I'd definitely use these if I was going out or as I said they work well as eyeshadows too. It's been a long time since I've tried Clarins eyeshadows but I'm really blown away by this little palette, it's playful but with quality, versatile eyeshadows. Probably my favourite product from the collection. 


The Glow 2 Go Blush and Highlighter Duo sticks come in two different colour ways. I was given the shade Golden Peach which as you can see has one side thats a shimmery bronze shade and the other is a shimmery golden peach. The other one, Glowy Pink has one pink side and the other is a silver/holographic highlighter. When I first opened Golden Peach my first thought was that it probably wouldn't work on my skin tone however I gave it a chance and I was so surprised how much I love it. I've been wearing it a lot since I got it and I found it so handy for bringing with me when I was away for a night recently. I think the fact that it's a cream product makes it more forgiving. I rarely use bronzer but I applied the bronze side as I would any bronzer, on any areas of the face that would naturally tan (if I actually got a tan), across my cheeks and nose, a little on my chin and my forehead. I then applied the peach side on the apples of my cheeks as I would any blush and then blend it all using my foundation brush. I loved the sun kissed glow it gave my skin. It looked so healthy and although there's shimmer in both sides, it's not too overpowering. You can apply it directly on your skin or use your fingertips to warm it up and then pat it on and blend with your fingers for a faster application. I really want to get the pink one now as I'm intrigued by the silver side  and because I love easy to use cream products like this, I think I'd get a lot of use out of it. At €29 they aren't cheap but you're getting two products in one and you can also use them on your eyelids as a quick wash of colour or as an eyeshadow base. Golden Peach would work really well on darker skin tones too, particularly the bronze side which would be a gorgeous highlighter. 

L-R; Skin Illusion Foundation, Instant Poreless Primer, Ready in a Flash palette brows, mattes and eyelighters, Glow 2 Go Duo

Lastly is the Instant Poreless Pore-Blurring Matifying Primer. I found this a strange addition to a Spring collection but it's meant to almost be like a blurring filter for your skin in real life. It claims to mattify skin, minimise pores, improve makeup hold, give a blurring effect while still being breathable. If you've ever tried the famous Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer, it's like a lighter version of that. It doesn't have that heavy silicone feeling that a pot of pore minimising primers have, but rather feels quite lightweight. Obviously this is only going to be suitable for people with oily skin or if you have combination skin like me, I use it only on my t-zone to get a bit more wear time before I start to look oily there. As it's only a 20ml size tube I think that's the best way to use this primer as most people wouldn't need to use it all over their face. It definitely doesn't fill in your lines and pores the way other primers can but I prefer that as I like my skin to look like skin and not like I've edited it and blurred out all the texture. One of the main plant ingredients is Arbutus (Strawberry Tree) which is actually found in Ireland and helps to absorb excess sebum. I don't generally use primers most days but I find matifying primers handy to have in my collection for days when I really want my makeup to last from early to late. That being said I probably wouldn't buy this again because I wouldn't use it enough for me to spend the money on it. If you have oily skin I highly recommend checking this out in person. 

Bare Skin

Wearing Instant Primer, Skin Illusion, Glow 2 Go and the two left shades in the Ready in a Flash palette. Also wearing Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara, Brow Power and Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner and Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter.

Using the same products as above and the Lisa Eldridge lipstick Velvet Morning

Wearing the same makeup as above but with Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in shade 5 Candy Shimmer

Having tried out the collection for about a month now, I have to admit I'm so impressed with Clarins makeup. I think they've stepped up their game and have made everything quite modern and youthful but with excellent ingredients and quality products that actually do what they say they're going to. I found this collection a lot less gimmicky than so many other Spring collections from other brands. These are products you would actually use and work really well to create an edited makeup collection that has multipurpose products that are easy to use and give your skin a fresh, radiant look. This collection in addition to the new My Clarins range demonstrate a brand that are becoming more environmentally and ethically aware and hopefully more inclusive. 

What do you think of the collection? Is there anything that takes your fancy?

Emma x

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Steel The Look

Last month I was scrolling through Instagram as you do and I spotted this look on Emma Stone by her makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. I completely fell for the colour combination of the cool silver eyes and deep berry lips. The look Rachel created was a proper glamorous red carpet look but I wanted to tone it down a notch for myself. She used a Serge Lutens eyeshadow palette that costs €130, but the eyeshadow I used was only €3.80. Surprisingly I didn't have any silver in my eyeshadow collection and seeing as it's not a shade I'll be wearing regularly, I didn't want to spend too much money on it. 

I decided to check out the offering in Penneys as I had a voucher from a recent press event. I didn't expect to find anything but as it turns out they had four different options. I opted for a Catrice eyeshadow which swatched nicely but ended up not being great on my eyelids, and this Essence Melted Chrome eyeshadow in the shade Steel the Look. The whole idea is that they have a melted metal effect. There are six shades altogether, I can't say how the others are but Steel the Look is highly pigmented and has a soft, buttery texture. I was so impressed considering how inexpensive it was. 


I wanted a very easy, pared back look so I applied a tiny bit of the Pür On Point eyeliner in black just lightly along my top and bottom lash line just to make it look more full. I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion and then the eyeshadow with a flat brush to give as much colour payoff as possible. I then decided to try it wet to see if it intensified the colour so I spritzed some of my Lancôme Fix It Forget It Setting Spray onto my brush and it amped up the metallic look of the eyeshadow some more, it doesn't work with every eyeshadow and I often forget to do it but when it works well it can make such a difference. I also went a bit more into my inner corner than I usually would as well as along my lower lash line.


The eyeshadow is such a statement by itself so all I did was blend it out and add the IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara. I've been using this mascara for a few months now and it packs a lot of punch. I loved it at first, then it started to smudge on me after a couple of weeks and now it's stopped and I love it again so I'm not sure what the problem was. You can get a lot of impact from just one coat which I really like, two coats will give you proper going out eyelashes. It's the mascara I go for when I want big eyelashes in a hurry. 


One of my all time favourite base products, the IT Cosmetics CC Cream has recently come back into my life (as a press sample) and I had forgotten how amazing it is. If you want to know more, you can read my full review here. I used the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer for a few weeks now and I didn't think I'd like it at all at first but after playing with it a few different ways I'm a big fan. It's quite similar to the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer in that it has a sticky texture. I find it best when you use a tiny amount and dampen a small complexion sponge and dab it onto your skin. It also stays in place all day. The less you use the better, you can always build it up if you need more. 


I kept my eyebrows fairly natural with just a small amount of the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil and some Glossier Boy Brow. I've really been loving using the IT Cosmetics pencil. It's great for when I want to fill in my eyebrows quickly. It's universal shade however one of my fellow Irish bloggers has black brows and she said it's slightly too warm toned for her so I'd definitely try it out first if you're looking to buy it. I finished with a touch of Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk to give just a hint of colour on my cheeks, I didn't want anything too strong to take away from the eyes and lips. The closest lip shade I could find to the one Rachel Goodwin used (Surratt Beauty Lip Lustre in Très Chic) was Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Disturbed. It's one of their comfort mattes and I toyed with the idea of adding gloss as the Surratt Beauty shade has a high gloss finish but I preferred the look of the matte lipstick paired with the glittery eyeshadow on myself. 

I finished the look by adding a little bit of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter to my cheekbones, the middle of my nose and cupids bow. I bought this back in September and I really didn't want to love it as much as I do. It's like no product I've ever tried before. I'd describe it as a multi-purpose liquid illuminator. You can use it under or over your base as a liquid highlighter, or you can mix it into your foundation for an all over glow. I've also been mixing mine with my Glossier Cloud Paints and it gives the most gorgeous sheen on my cheeks. This is definitely going to be repurchased once it's finished. 

SE20 SE17

As you can see I took photos in daylight, in artificial light and with a flash to try to capture just how gorgeous this eyeshadow is in reality. I don't think any of the photos do it justice, so if you're near an Essence stand, I'd encourage you to have a look at it in person. I took a little video which you can see below in the hopes that you can get a better idea of how sparkly it is. Obviously there's no great intricate technique to this look, its fairly easy to achieve but I think you'll agree it's such a statement. I was initially a bit wary of wearing it out of the house but I quickly reminded myself that it's only makeup and it's supposed to be a bit of fun. Take a look at the recent video Violette (the Creative Director for Estée Lauder) made using silver pigment, it should give you another option of how to wear silver on your eyes. I think it would be great for a Christmas/ New Year party. 

Would you wear this look? 

Emma x


Full Product List:

*IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair
*IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
Glossier Boy Brow in Brown
Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
*Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow in Steel the Look
*IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara
PÜR Cosmetics On Point Eyeliner in Black
*IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer in Light
*Lancôme Long Time No Shine Setting Powder in Translucent
*Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk
Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter in Shade 1 (Fair)
*Urban Decay Vice Comfort Matte Lipstick in Disturbed

*Products marked were gifted or bought with a press voucher
(All brands are Cruelty-Free except Lancôme)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Velvet Ribbon- Lisa Eldridge Plush Matte Velvet Lip Colour

After five long months I'm finally back to blogging. It was a completely unintentional break but one I think was needed. That being said I've greatly missed writing more in-depth reviews despite writing for Bean Magazine and keeping my Instagram up to date. So when my Lisa Eldridge lipstick order arrived on Friday afternoon, I was immediately inspired to write a blog post about it because if there's anything that can get you excited about blogging again it's a beauty release from the queen of makeup herself.

When I saw Lisa Eldridge had created her own line of limited edition lipsticks AND that they were reds AND that they were matte, I knew I'd want to buy them. She released three shades, Velvet Ribbon which is a "vibrant classic neutral/blue red", Velvet Morning, a "hot and fiery, bright orange/red" and Velvet Jazz, "a muted, earthy brick red" inspired by the 1930s reds in Lisa's vintage collection.

I love all three, and of course wanted to buy all three but I couldn't really afford it so I went for Velvet Ribbon as I tend to wear classic reds most often.

LE8 LE18

LE29 LE2

Let's begin with the packaging, the case is a beautiful pale matte gold and the lid has the most satisfying magnetic click. The top of the lid is embossed with Lisa's signature monogram. It's sleek, modern, classy and has that weighted feel too.

LE4 LE15 LE17

Once you open it up, it's not your ordinary lipstick bullet, Lisa has explained that she tried for a long time to have a velvet effect on the lipstick bullet. I have no idea how, but she managed to achieve it and it looks unlike any lipstick I've seen before. It's a small detail that was probably unnecessary but has taken this lipstick to another level. I love that she has that attention to detail. It makes these lipsticks incredibly special. I tried to photograph the texture as best I could with macro filters on my lens so that you can see the velvet effect. I think you'll agree it looks like actual material!

LE11 LE14 LE16

It's supposed to be a creamy, saturated and highly pigmented matte with a slight sheen, long lasting and not drying. I'm going to be honest I've only worn it for one day, but it was enough to know it's all of those things and more. It's so comfortable and lightweight, it applies smoothly and easily and doesn't drag on the skin at all. You can achieve full opacity with just one application.

LE25 LE31 LE32

This is hands down the best matte red liptick I own. I understand that's a hefty claim having only had it a couple of days, but it doesn't take long to figure out if you like a lipstick. As you can see above I swatched the most similar shades I could find in my collection. I think it's most similar to Ruby Woo and Red Carpet Red and a bit lighter than Elson. It's probably the most similar formula to Elson, but I actually found Velvet Ribbon longer lasting and the packaging of Elson broke on me after only a few uses so I now find it very difficult to use as it takes a lot of fiddling around to twist it up and down and for that price I'd expect more.

It works out less expensive than the Charlotte Tilbury (€32) and Pat McGrath (€35) counterparts before shipping at £26/€29.40 (€39 with shipping). It arrived within a few days of ordering and yes the shipping is expensive at £8.50, but for that you get a signed for DPD courier delivery with a text that gives you a one hour window of delivery. Much more convenient than other online retailers. Shipping is free over £40 too.

Obviously unless you're a big LE fan, these lipsticks probably won't interest you but if you have followed her for any amount of time, you'll know she's got so much experience in the beauty industry and has never sold out or put her name to anything sub par. She's clearly put her heart and soul into this collection and has done something different to anything currently on the market. I'm clearly a fan, and matte red lips are my favourite so this is my dream collection. They are also cruelty-free which is great to see from more brands.

With all the Black Friday "sales" recently it's very easy to get caught up in wanting things we don't need and can't afford. With all the excesses of the blogging and "influencer" community I'm trying to be more conscious about what I spend my hard earned money on instead of getting caught up in the never ending new releases. I'm hoping to bring you more quality content with detailed unbiased reviews to help you decide if you really need that new palette or lipstick or if you're better using what you have instead like I'm trying to do. That being said, I'm completely biased here because I admire Lisa Eldridge so much, but I'm so delighted her collection didn't disappoint me.

Let me know if you've bought one (or all three) of these or if you're thinking of it.

Emma x

Watch Lisa's video below for more information!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Glossier Lash Slick

Well, it's been a while since I've written a blog post. No real excuse, not that most of you would be looking for one. I just haven't felt like posting anything. I've had plenty of ideas but just none that I've followed through on. I've also been working on a new project. Myself and some talented women led by fellow Irish blogger Colette (Wide-Eyed and Blind) have started a website, Bean Magazine

I'm the Beauty/Film and Tv Editor so I've been working on articles for the website over the past while which has taken up the time I would have spent blogging. However now that we've launched and I've gotten used to writing different kinds of articles I feel like I can differentiate between what I write for the blog and what I write for Bean. It's been so much fun and so inspiring working with a group of like-minded women who all have different interests, passions and areas of expertise. I hope you have time to check out the website (which is a work in progress), we'd love any feedback you have to give and we're also always looking for contributors so if you or anyone you know is looking for a creative outlet or has anything they'd like to write about that doesn't fit anywhere else please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. You can also keep up with us on Instagram

Now, let's get into the review. This is a product that has been in the making for the past few years. It's something every Glossier fan was waiting for so it already had high expectations to live up to- Lash Slick mascara.


It's the product that was missing from my full face of Glossier post last year and now the wait is over and I've been using it for the past few weeks after kindly being sent one by the lovely ladies at Glossier (who I was lucky enough to meet recently).

I knew that any mascara launch from Glossier wasn't going to be like other brands. It would be something that enhanced your natural lashes. Nothing clumpy, no big brushes, nothing too volumising- and I was right. Emily Weiss wanted it be like lash extensions without the extensions. It took them 248 formulations to make "the perfect everyday mascara". But is it the perfect everyday mascara?

Let's begin with what Glossier claims the mascara will do. Curl, sculpt, lengthen and enhance your natural lashes without clumps. It contains tiny one and two millimetre curved fibers that create that extended look and film-forming polymers that lock the fibers in place. It also contains vegan biotin (a vitamin that helps to keep skin and hair healthy among other things) that conditions and strengthens the lashes over time. The natural shine polymers make the lashes shiny and sleek. It's suitable for anyone with sensitive eyes or those who wear contact lenses. It's water resistant but not waterproof so it can be removed with warm water (or Milky Jelly Cleanser). The tapered wand has tiered bristles that separate the lashes and give an even application. 


Did Lash Slick live up to my expectations? I'm happy to say it's a resounding yes! The first time I tried it, I loved it. That doesn't happen with all mascaras and obviously there are many more aspects to a great mascara than just first application and appearance. Wear time, smudging and flaking and removal all heavily factor into my opinion. I've used mascaras that have applied beautifully and looked incredible (MAC Upward Lash) but have flaked so much that it wasn't worth the hassle for me despite how amazing my lashes looked. 


Lash Slick gave my lashes length and definition and a small amount of volume, enough for me personally for an everyday mascara. The tapered brush meant that every tiny lash was coated and there was zero clumping even with a second coat. My lashes were fanned out and it held the curl from my eyelash curler which I use every day regardless of what mascara I follow up with. There was no flaking or smudging on me despite using it on my bottom lashes too. I have seen the odd rogue fiber but not enough to bother me at all. It wears perfectly throughout the day and I've tried removing it with a cleansing balm, warm water and MJC and I've never had a problem with any removal method.


As you can see it comes in the signature Glossier Pink packaging, I've only been using it for a few weeks so I don't know how long it will last before drying out but I always throw away my mascaras after three months anyway for hygiene reasons. One of the things I love most about it is the brush, the size and shape means I don't get any mascara on my eyelid which seems to happen to be all the time even when I'm being careful. At the moment it only comes in black but I could imagine there would be a demand for a brown shade too. 


Being completely honest, this mascara will not be for everyone. Most people are looking volume, length and definition when it comes to mascara and although I can't fault it for length and definition, it doesn't give as much volume as other mascaras I've tried. But that is exactly how it was intended, as a mascara that gives you 'your lashes but better'. It doesn't look like I'm wearing mascara, just that I have great eyelashes which I can't say I've gotten from any other mascara. But like I said, most people like to look like they're wearing makeup and have thick lashes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If I was going on a night out or wearing darker eyeshadow I would definitely wear a different mascara that's more volumising. But for everyday, to fit in with the kind of makeup I like to wear, Lash Slick is absolutely perfect for me.

As you can in the photo above, my lashes aren't naturally that long, but most mascaras tend to make them look good. That doesn't necessarily mean I like most mascaras, it's probably one of the makeup products I'm the most picky about, especially considering you can get such great inexpensive mascaras nowadays. It takes a lot for me to buy a mascara twice because I do like to try different ones each time. This is one I will 100% be repurchasing. 

And just in case you hadn't heard yet, Glossier now deliver to Ireland which makes me so happy! Lash Slick is priced at €16 which I think is a great price point considering some "drugstore" mascaras are the same price and even more expensive. I'm delighted that the long-awaited Glossier mascara hasn't disappointed me.

What do you think? Does this kind of mascara interest you or do you prefer thicker lashes?

Emma x

Friday, February 2, 2018

First Impressions Of Fenty Beauty- Bomb Baby Mini Lip And Face Set

When I saw my fellow Irish blogger Gemma (from Beautynook) mention this Fenty Beauty set on her Instagram, I got very excited because I figured it was a great way to try out the brand without spending too much money. I'm not usually one to give in to hype straight away and this was the case when Rihanna launched her makeup brand Fenty Beauty. Obviously being a lover of makeup I'm always curious when a new brand comes on the market. I found this launch particularly interesting because it was from someone who I would never have considered to have much experience in the beauty industry. When I actually thought about it though, there are plenty of celebrities who have come out with their own makeup and skincare lines like Drew Barrymore (Flower), Jessica Alba (The Honest Company), Kat Von D,Victoria Beckham and many of the Kardashians etc. 


I guess it makes sense, if you work in the entertainment industry you've probably worked with a lot of different makeup artists and therefore picked up lots of tips as well as having every brand under the sun applied to your skin which would give a great insight into products that work and products that don't. Rihanna has said that she saw a void in the beauty industry for a brand that would make women  of all skin tones and types feel included, which is why she has launched with a foundation that has 40 shades, an incredible feat for any new brand. As someone who has found it difficult to find a shade pale enough to match my skin perfectly over the years I'm so impressed that Rihanna has decided to focus on "a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones". This kind of inclusivity puts other established brands to shame and hopefully it will encourage them to follow suit so that women of all skin tones will see themselves represented in the beauty industry.


I also love Rihanna's ethos for the brand, wanting the foundation to look like "perfect skin, not makeup on skin". This is clear in the imagery for Fenty Beauty which I love because the makeup is very understated with glowing natural looking skin. The more I researched the brand and the more videos I watched including those of Rihanna speaking about the process of creating her brand, the more interested I became in wanting to try it for myself.


I've had this set for a while now and after using the products for the past few weeks I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  It contains mini versions of the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminzer (universal rose nude shade) and the Killawat Freestyle highlighter in Hu$tla Baby (a peachy champagne shimmer). I was unsure of both products at first. The gloss isn't something I would usually go for but several people I follow and trust raved about it and I loved how it looked any time I saw someone wearing it in a photo. I needn't have worried because it was love from the first application! I love everything about it, the packaging, the scent, the texture, the shade, the hint of sparkle. I love matte lips, don't get me wrong, but there's nothing as flattering on the lips as a gloss. Sometimes I line my lips a little first with the No7 Nude Precision Lips Pencil but mostly I just apply it on top of some balm. Obviously you could use it on top of any lipstick either. I'm so surprised by how much I've been wearing this. I don't think I've heard anyone say that they don't like it but as always check it out yourself in person if you're interested in buying it. Just don't wear it when it's windy out! 

FBBB14 IMG_6093

I was unsure about the highlighter too because I had seen some of them being applied and they seemed quite intense which isn't something I look for in a highlighter at all. I've been playing around with this for the past few weeks and I've tried it a few different ways. The first time I used it as a highlighter I applied way too much. You only need a tiny amount, applied with a light hand and blended out with a fluffy brush and it gives a beautiful sheen. It's definitely a pigmented highlighter and I probably wouldn't really wear it much during the day as I tend to keep things a bit more natural. I have worn it like in the photos below as the main focus of the makeup with no eye makeup, just the highlighter, Gloss Bomb and a little Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk on my cheeks and I love what a fresh and natural look it gives me. I've also used it on my eyelids as you can see above. I blended it lightly on my lids and then applied some bronze pencil liner and blended it out for an easy golden smokey eye. It definitely leans more gold toned on my skin which is something to keep in mind if you prefer a more rosy toned highlighter. 


My first impressions of Fenty Beauty are great. I like everything, the packaging, the shades, the price point and the ideas behind the creation of the brand. I definitely want to try more products, the Mattemoiselle lipstick in Ma'damn is going to be mine. I'd love to try the primer and foundation too so I'll probably get shade matched next time I'm out in Dundrum. I've read mixed thing about the foundation but I would like to try it out for myself as there seems to be some great pale shades that might work for me. 


The Bomb Baby set is available from Harvey Nichols online and in store or on FentyBeauty.com and from Sephora for £19/€20/$23.

Have you tried anything from Fenty Beauty yet or would you like to? Are there any newer beauty brands that you've really liked recently?

Emma x

*Fenty Beauty is also 100% Cruelty Free

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