Tuesday, November 24, 2015

And We'll Dazzle Them All

You'll have to excuse my unplanned temporary hiatus from blogging. Since I got back from holidays in September there has been a continued series of disruptive life events that have unfortunately meant that I've been unable to do much in the way of writing posts or reading my favourite blogs. 

I know I haven't written very much about my personal life in the past year and a half but I just wanted to write a little bit about what's been going on in my life recently because I've gone through some major life changes in the past couple of months. Just after we got back from holidays we were told that our landlord had sold our building and the new landlord was completely renovating all of the apartments so we had to move out. At the same time I was interviewing for a new job, my first interview in eight years. So we began the daunting task of looking for a place to live. 

Having to move out was a blessing in disguise. We were very lucky in that the rent and location of our old apartment were both incredible. But we were sharing with a flatmate so there were pros and cons and we were both happy to be finally getting our own place. Rent has increased significantly in Dublin over the past few years and the market is hugely competitive. After much wasted time viewing places not fit for habitation and a few disappointments, we finally found the perfect apartment for us. 

While we were apartment searching I got great news that the job I had interviewed for was mine. I handed in my notice to my managers and three weeks later said goodbye to my workplace of eight years and my wonderful friends and colleagues. I had my last day in work on a Friday, moved apartment the following day and started my new job on the Monday and life has been a blur since then. 

We just got internet in the new apartment today, hence the complete silence from me recently. With apartment searching, packing, moving and working so much I haven't had the time to do a lot for the blog. However I've still been taking outfit photos (I should be getting a new camera soon), trying out new products, and attending any events I can that don't clash with work. I have an abundance of content that I can't wait to share with you all. 

For now, I have an outfit post we shot about a month ago before the weather became too Wintery. 

CL1 CL5 CL6 CL8 CL11

Jumper- H&M
Jacket- Penneys/ Primark (similar here)
Skirt- Monsoon
Shoes- New Look (similar here)
Hat- H&M (similar here)
Fur Stole- Accessorize (similar here)
Ring- Stella and Dot Pavé Chevron Ring
Bag- Accessorize (similar here)

I've already written enough in this post so I won't say too much about this outfit except I saw this skirt  and didn't think it would suit me at all but I tried it on and loved it. I'm also still loving fur collars this year, I added this one to the collection I built up last Autumn.  I also love this hat from H&M and it's wool so it keeps my head really warm, although I can't wear it when it's windy because it just blows straight off my head. Lace up shoes seem to still be having a moment, I know a lot of people are probably sick of seeing them but I love mine and never one to be thrown off by trends, I'll keep wearing them until they fall apart.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to support me despite my erratic post schedule recently. I really appreciated the messages I've received asking how I am. I'll be catching up with all my blog reading over the next week. I hope you all are doing well.

Emma x

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base

The MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base is a product I had been meaning to buy for about a year. It was used on me for a photo shoot and I made a mental note to pick it up because I loved it so much. The make up artist used just lip liner on top and I was amazed at how the liner lasted and didn't feel drying on top of this base. I eventually bought it at the airport in May and used it almost every day since and I just repurchased it last week as I couldn't be without it.


If you wear lipstick on a regular basis, you should definitely think about trying this. If you wear matte or long lasting lipsticks on a regular basis you absolutely need this. It's one of those products that once you've been using it for a while you can't remember how you lived without it. 

It comes in sleek, slim packaging and is like any lip balm you just pop it on straight from the tube. It has a gorgeous vanilla scent and glides on smoothly. The texture is similar to a light lip balm but after a couple of minutes it dries a little and that's when I apply my lipstick. It acts in the same way a foundation primer would in that it prepares the skin for the product used afterwards and improves the appearance and longevity of the product. I have found that using this under my lipsticks helps them to last longer without having to reapply, it also helps with feathering and gives my lips the hydration they need so that the lipstick is comfortable to wear for hours, especially matte lipsticks like the MAC ones.

If you want an even longer lasting result, you could use this under lip liner and lipstick and I can't imagine your lipstick would budge. It would be a great investment for anyone who likes to wear lip liner alone but hates that dry feeling it can have on the lips. I generally don't wear lip liner because I feel like it changes the colour and finish of the lipstick unless you have the exact match from the same brand and that could be quite expensive (considering the amount of lippies I own). 


At €17, I think it's worth every cent. I wear lipstick almost every day and most days I choose a colourful shade like red or pink so I think any product that improves the look and feel of the lipstick and makes it more comfortable for me to wear for hours and not have to reapply is worth the money. 

If you don't wear lipstick that often and you don't mind wearing liner, then you probably don't need this, but if like me you are a lipstick fanatic, I can't recommend this highly enough. 

Do you prime your lips? or do you think it's a step that can be skipped?

Emma x

Friday, October 2, 2015

Avenues All Lined With Trees

We finally got to take some outfit photos this weekend after such a long time. Autumn is in full swing here and I couldn't be happier. I love this transitional time of year and I have so much fun dressing for the weather we're having at the moment wearing light layers and having fun with accessories. 


Coat- Dunnes Stores (similar here)
Shirt- H&M (similar here)
Jeans- New Look (similar here)
Sunglasses- ASOS
Bag, Necklace and Ring- Accessorize (similar bag, similar ring)
Shoes- c/o Heatons (similar here)
Lipstick- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes

I've had this trench coat for a few years now, it wasn't very expensive but I love how it instantly makes me look more put together. It's a wardrobe classic that's well worth investing in, I've worn mine countless times.

I'm trying to embrace the seventies trend in small ways like with my accessories. I got this necklace with the idea of wearing it over a button up shirt and I think it's the perfect way to wear the trend if you aren't all that enthused about flared jeans, wide-leg trousers and corduroy skirts.

I saw these loafers at the Heatons Autumn/Winter press day and I ordered them straight away. They're a pink toned nude shade and are the perfect accompaniment to any casual outfit.

The denim shirt and black jeans are two other wardrobe staples for me as they're so versatile. I like to wear this shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt if I want it to look a bit less casual.

What are your Autumn wardrobe staples?

Emma x

Friday, September 25, 2015

Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-à-porter Mascara

I've never tried a Lancôme mascara before despite the fact that I've often bought them as gifts for other people. I know that they have great reputation for being excellent high end mascaras so when this Hypnôse Volume-à-porter mascara arrived in the post I was incredibly excited to give it a try.

The concept behind the campaign for this mascara is that the eyes say just as much as the lips and in French culture there is an emphasis on the power of the gaze.  Let's put it this way, you know a mascara is amazing when you're talking to your friend and they tell you they didn't hear a word you said because they were too busy staring at your eyelashes.


For years I would have chosen length and definition over volume every time, but getting up early for work every morning means that I forgo wearing eyeshadow most days and therefore the only eye make up I wear is mascara. Recently I've been wearing more volumising mascaras to compensate for having naked eyes and paired with shaped brows, some blush and a bold lip, it's been my go to effortless make up look most days.

Straight away I was impressed by the sleek, minimalist gunmetal packaging. For me Lancôme have always been such a classy brand and I've long admired their general aesthetic and packaging. 


It's the first time Lancôme have used an elastomer brush which means that it's flexible but still manages to maintain a great shape. I usually don't go for rubber brushes, but this one is like no other I've tried. The wand is tapered which allows you to coat the tiniest inner lashes with ease. There are 306(!) yes, that's right, 306 bristles on the brush. The shorter bristles coat the roots and the longer ones bring the mascara through to the tips of the lashes giving full and even distribution. 

When I first applied this I wasn't hugely impressed with the volume it gave, however after the application of a second coat I could see exactly where it gets it's name from. It's the first mascara I've used that allows for a second coat with such ease and not a clump in sight. You can see below that there is length, volume and definition which is very hard to achieve with your average mascara. 


It's not just the brush that's amazing, the formula consists of a melt-in cream texture and it's smudge proof so there is no transfer under my eyes during the day. The formula also contains latex which gives great hold. I curl my lashes beforehand and I've noticed that this holds the curl all day because it's so lightweight. 

Not only do you get the most beautiful instant results from this mascara, you also get the continuous benefit of the exclusive Lancôme Native Rose Cells extract that leaves the lashes softer, stronger and more full looking after just a few weeks. 

Hypnôse Volume-à-porter/Bare lashes

I don't have a bad word to say about this mascara, it even has a scent of roses. At €27.50 it is very pricey for a mascara and a lot more than I would usually pay, but if you like to wear minimal eye make up or if your lashes are in need of some TLC, this is the mascara for you. I've been wearing this for a couple of months now and it hasn't dried out at all which is very rare in my experience so you definitely get value for your money. 

What's your current favourite mascara?

Emma x

Thursday, September 24, 2015

YSL La Laque Couture- Le Nu

YSL have released chromatic replicas of four iconic shades from their Rouge Pur Couture lipstick range in the form of the Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stains and La Laque Couture matte nail lacquers. The four shades are Le Rouge, Le Orange, Le Fuchsia and Le Nu. The Vernis à Lèvres are a high shine formula with intense colour and luminosity while spherical silica has been added to the La Laque Couture to give a modern matte finish to the nail colours. The idea is to mix and match the contrasting shades and finishes on your lips and tips. 

I was sent Le Nu, a refined and minimalist soft beige, which isn't a shade I would normally choose. I usually avoid nudes as they tend to be too pale and unflattering. However as soon as I applied Le Nu I was taken back by how much I loved the colour. It's the most chic nail shade and the matte finish gives it just the right amount of edge for such a toned down colour. 


For me, this is to the nails what Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect is to the lips. Flattering, understated and goes with everything. It's the perfect combination of brown and pink that I feel would look great on any skin tone. 

The other thing that sold me both this straight away was the application. It has a wide brush that makes applying it so quick and easy. The formula is perfect too. Sometimes brands get it right with the brush but the formula is too thin and you end up having to apply three coats or it's to thick and difficult to apply evenly. You could get away with one coat of this and achieve full opacity. 


The wear time is another bonus, I had minimal wear on the tops of my nails after four days and that was with a very hectic week in work where I was using my hands all day every day. The matte finish also starts to wear away after a few days and there is more of a shine to the nails but I don't have a problem with that at all, you could even add a top coat to achieve a shiny finish if you wished. The packaging is also second to none. The gorgeous little gold lid lifts off and there is a second smaller round one underneath so don't worry you won't have to hold that square lid to apply the polish. 

Having never tried a YSL nail lacquers before, I am now a full convert and I'm already thinking about which shade I want to try next. The La Laque Couture range retails for €24 which I have never spent on a nail polish in my life, but I genuinely would pay it for another one of these I was that impressed. The collection is available at Brown Thomas from October 1st. Will you be checking these out in person?

What are you wearing on your nails this Autumn?

Emma x

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Autumn in Zara

I'm just back from the most relaxing holiday in Nice and it seems the Irish Summer is truly over (what little Summer we had). As sad as I am that the hot weather of the French Riviera will soon be a distant memory, I'm very excited for my favourite time of year- Autumn.

I've already been doing some shopping for Autumnal clothing and accessories to add to my cold weather wardrobe. I had a look in Zara when I was in Nice and saw so many things I loved so I decided to share some of my favourite pieces from their new collection with you today.

Autumn in Zara

As much as I love the 70s trend on other people, most of the clothes just don't do anything for my curvy figure, however I do love a good blouse with my jeans and this Loose Fit Blouse screams late 70s Stevie Nicks to me. The V-neckline is something I try to go for with looser fit clothing because it just makes it that much more flattering on me. I could see myself wearing this with black jeans and this amazing Leather Jacket, heeled boots like these Combined Ankle Boots and a wide brimmed hat. I love these Sparkle Ankle Boots that my boyfriend has nicknamed the David Bowie boots. I think they would be a great alternative to heels for the Christmas party season as they're dressy yet more comfortable for walking around in the cold weather. Another way of bringing the 70s trend into my Autumn/Winter wardrobe is with a statement coat like this Jacket with oversized sheepskin lapels. I adore the colour of this and at only €59.95 for a wool mix it's an inexpensive way to keep warm and look stylish this Autumn.

One of the things I love about Autumn/Winter clothing is playing with textures. I love this fluffy metallic and navy Leopard Print Sweater and this burgundy Mock Croc Messenger Bag for adding dimension to an outfit. Another way I like to incorporate trends into my wardrobe is with my accessories and as much as I love the fringing and tassel trend I think I prefer it on shoes/bags/jewellery as opposed to clothing. This stunning pale green Leather Messenger Bag with Tassels is a great way to bring colour into your Autumn wardrobe, I absolutely adored the pastel trend last Winter, I think paler shades look really chic in the colder months.

Zara has become one of my favourite high street shops for jewellery in recent years. In terms of statement jewellery, they have some incredibly cool pieces like these Long Geometric Earrings that could be an amazing alternative to the usual sparkly Christmas bling. This black Chain Necklace is in the same vain as the earrings, a statement piece of jewellery without looking like a Christmas Tree. It looks incredible in person.

Lastly is my favourite Autumnal accessory, the blanket scarf. As soon as the weather gets chilly I have to have my neck covered and I'm always on the look out for a gorgeous cosy scarf to keep me warm. When I was in Nice I saw this Zig Zag Scarf and fell in love but I knew I wouldn't be able to fit it in my already full suitcase so as soon as I got home I went into Zara to buy it. While I was there I also saw this Animal Print Scarf and it's now at the top of my list to buy on payday. It looks amazing on and it's so soft and cosy. I love a printed scarf for adding some style to a plain coat in the Winter. I'm now excited for the weather to get colder so that I can wear my new scarf (I must be completely crazy).

What's on your Autumn/Winter shopping list?

Emma x

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bourjois Parisian Summer

The Irish Summer has pretty much been (for about five minutes) and gone already which is why there has been a complete lack of Summer inspired posts on the blog. However I'll be going on my holidays to France in a few days so I'll finally get to wear my Summer wardrobe and use the Summer make up products that I had been waiting to use for the past few months.

I attended the Bourjois Summer press event at the beginning of the season and we were treated to a preview of the gorgeous Parisian Summer collection.


Sunlight Elixir, BB Bronzing Cream, Mat Illusion Bronzing Power, Sun Illusion


The Sunlight Elixir is a tinted sparkly dry body oil. It has the same wonderful Summery scent as the rest of the collection and comes in a glass bottle which is less travel friendly than the BB Cream. I've mainly been using this on my arms, décolletage and legs for a very subtle glow and a soft sheen to my skin. It also has SPF 15 making it ideal for those days when you want to look slightly more healthy very fast and still have some sun protection. I have to be honest I'll probably only wear this on really sunny days or when I'm on holidays because it's too much for everyday use. At €16.99 it's not cheap but it should last you for next Summer too.


The weather was so bad this year that I think everyone has had to fake their Summer glow. This is where the BB Bronzing Cream came in for me. I don't like to sit out in the sun unless I'm wearing very high sun protection so the only colour I really get on my face is some enhanced freckles. This BB Cream is one of my favourite products from the collection, I prefer to wear it beneath my foundation as a sort of bronzing primer (unfortunately the Sun Illusion, pictured below was the wrong shade for me). Worn alone it's slightly too dark for me, but I intend on bringing it on holiday with me to wear instead of foundation.

The Bronzing Cream claims to have eight benefits in one product, those include: a golden glow effect, an even skin tone, radiance, 24-hour hydration, tan enhancement, a fresh effect, SPF 15 and high resistance. I can't speak for some of these as I had no tan to enhance, nor did I wear the product for 24 hours so I can't say as to whether it would keep you feeling hydrated for that long. I do find it very refreshing on the skin during application which is always a bonus in hot weather. I agree that it does give a golden glow, radiance and an even skin tone. It just makes you look instantly healthier and like you've been on holiday, which is never a bad thing. It also smell incredible and comes in a handy tube which is great for taking on a plane.



It surprised me how much I liked the Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder. It only comes in two shades so it's not going to work for every skin tone, however the Light Glow shade actually works quite well on my fair skin. As you can see in the photo above it gives an overall healthy look to my face which is mostly what I use bronzer for. It's supposed to offer a matt finish and smooth refined look, so this could be nice to wear as a substitute for your usual setting powder if you want to wear less make up on holidays. Once again this has the amazing coconut/fruity scent of the other products in the range that instantly brings to mind Summer holidays.


I was given two shades of the new Aqua Blush range, 04 Berry Nice and 02 Cocoricorail. I've never before tried a blush formula like the Aqua Blush. It has a very light mousse/gel texture and a little goes a long way, you only need a small amount of this to get a gorgeous natural flush. You can apply with your fingers, but I prefer to use a stippling brush. You do have to work quickly to blend it on otherwise I've found it can leave a slight stain on the skin. Despite the fact that these are a Summer launch I can see myself wearing them in Winter to get that natural rosy look to my cheeks. I think Berry Nice could look amazing in the colder months with minimal make up, lots of mascara and matching berry lips.

Once again Bourjois have given these a fresh rosy scent which I adore, but if you're not a fan of scented make up products you may want to test it out first. It also has a similar cooling effect to the Bronzing Cream making it an excellent choice for applying on warmer days. The claim is that they last up to 12 hours and I've found they really do last well, so much so that I'll be bringing them on holidays with me to wear in the hot weather and in the water. At €10.49 it's definitely worth picking up at least one of these.


So what are your favourite Summer products? Do you have any recommendations for any hot weather essentials?

Emma x

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