Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Go Downtown and Watch the Modern Kids

Hello! How are you all? My week has been a bit all over the place, I can't believe it's Wednesday night already! I had plans to take some outfit photos on Sunday because it had stopped snowing and the light was good for once after a week of dullness, but unfortunately it didn't work out. We had a lovely lunch and caught up with friends on Monday and then went to see Arcade Fire on Monday evening. What can I say! It was such an amazing gig! I have never seen them play before and after years of always missing them I'm sort of glad I got to see them for the first time now.

Vampire Weekend and Devendra Banhart were the support acts. There were a lot of people going crazy for Vampire Weekend, don't get me wrong I really liked the first album when it came out and not to diss them for anyone who likes them, each to his/her own but I don't really like the second album and to me they've gone a bit like Kings of Leon in that they made a more mainstream album and their music got worse when their popularity grew. It's just my personal opinion! So anyway apart from getting half a bottle of rum and coke spilled on me by an extremely drunk girl who was falling all over the place dancing to Vampire Weekend, it was probably one of the best gigs I've been to, there was just so much energy from the band and from the crowd. Don't you love when you see a band and you can sing every word of every song as loud as you want?

Devendra Banhart

Vampire Weekend

Check out the awesome stage, with a backdrop of an overpass and the screen was made to look like a lit up billboard!

The whole band stood out front for Wake Up, it was soooo good!

It started snowing as we were leaving the venue and even though the snow has been very annoying, it was pretty cool to have that happen.

I decided to try a new mascara the other day. I bought the L'oréal Volume Million Lashes mascara, it's pretty good but my favourite is still Maybelline Falsies. I also bought a L'oréal Color Appeal eye shadow in Metal Plum, which you can see on me below. There was a free gift in Boots when you spent more than €22.50 on L'oréal products so I also got a full size Super Liner in Silver Black, Glam Shine lip gloss in Oriental Fuschia and Color Appeal eye shadow in silver brown (which to me just looks brown) and a sample of their Youth Code moisturiser and Matte Morphose foundation. I love the Metal Plum color I got, it's a gorgeous metallic mauve colour that sort of changes colour depending on the light. The eye liner is a nice charcoal grey colour too. Think I'll stick to the Maybelline mascara in future though!

Last night we went to Whelans to have a few drinks with our friends, one of whom was over from Wales for a few days from college. It was great to catch up with everyone. There was some great music too and I was rocking out to some Bowie and Fleetwood Mac!

I liked these photos hanging up in Whelans


Maeve and Kelly

GE (Good Emma) This nickname is a bit of a King of the Hill reference

Niall and Donnacha (who can't seem to not pull a face in every photograph)

Playing some air guitar to The Chain

So that's been my week so far. Work is getting busier too which is good because the time goes faster.

Just a quick reminder to enter my giveaway. It closes at midnight GMT on Friday!

I'm leaving you with my one of my favourites from the latest Arcade Fire album (although they're kind of all my favourites)

Hope you're having a lovely week and keeping warm!

Emma xx


  1. Lovely photos as always! I heard a lot of good reviews about the L'Oreal mascara.

  2. Hey Pretty!!

    Just wanted to say that I'm happy I at last found an Irish girl blogging about Dublin and her life in Dublin!!! So happy to read your post about Whelans and co!
    Just came home to France after 2 years spent in Dublin, I miss it dearly, so it's super cool i can keep up with what's going on in Dublin!!!
    + you're super sweet and pretty!!!
    and soooooo lucky you get to go to Penneys whenever you feel like it..... I'm so jealous!!!!!

  3. really love that plum shade on you, might need to check that out. (oh and i totally agree with you on Vampire Weekend)


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