Sunday, December 19, 2010

Huggin' and a Kissin', Dancin' and a Lovin'

I've had one crazy week! So remember in my last post I was telling you about the three ladies from Nashville? So on Thursday they went along to this Burger chain promo video filming with Donnacha and a few of our friends that a guy from our class in college was organising. I was in work so unfortunately I missed all the fun (including a crazy guy attacking the group) but I went along after work and we all got free lunch in Eddie Rockets!

On Thursday evening the girls came over to our apartment and Donnacha cooked us all dinner. The girls brought wine and some yummy dessert from my favourite Queen of Tarts. We went to Anseo for the Hefty Horse Christmas Party that Simon organised for charity. There were 5 bands playing but we spent most of the time laughing at the back, it was so packed we couldn't see the bands anyway! I was teaching Katie some Irish slang which just ended up being a cockney British accent but it was hilarious watching her try to say things like "bleedin' massive" etc. Afterwards we went to The Village where there was a Rock 'n' Roll karaoke night going on. We sang Do They Know It's Christmas? and Love Shack (hence the post title). My voice has been gone since Tuesday so I was more screeching than singing. Then we danced til closing time and we got to bed at 4am again!

After only 4 hours sleep, I got up for work in Friday morning and was surprisingly not too tired! I took a power nap in the afternoon and on Friday evening everyone came over to our apartment and we got fish and chips for the girls last night in Dublin. We played cranium (and my team definitely didn't cheat) and watched the Room. I love watching it with people who haven't seen it before, everyone was quoting it as soon as it ended, which is just the way it should be!

I feel like the whole week has been a dream or something, so much has happened! We all had so much fun and we're already planning a trip to Nashville to see Ashley, Jennifer and Katie. Here are some photos from Thursday and Friday;

I LOVE this sign!

The gas mask belonged to Maeve

I saw these two on Wexford street and had to stop and take a photo

Cheesy Chicken Burger

Chili Fries

Chocolate Malt

Raspberry Cheescake and Pear and Chocolate Tarts

This was surprisingly my first time tasting Guinness, the girls couldn't believe it so they gave me theirs to try

I wasn't a big fan

Katie, Ashley and Jennifer

Damien, Myself, Donnacha and Anthony

We robbed some Christmas decorations

Tinsel Beard

This was so funny, Katie thought she saw a bug on Donnacha's t-shirt and shouted and I just happened to take a photo at the exact moment she made this face

Human Christmas Tree

Paul and I

Two Red Heads

Everyone on stage singing Do They Know It's Christmas?

The guys found this magazine in the bar with Mariah Carey on it and here are the results. Some guy actually nearly punched Donnacha because he accidentally bumped into him while dancing but the guy saw the Mariah mask and got freaked out and ran away!

Our team were the Octopussys


Jennifer's very good tap dancing drawing

Bad Hair Day

So that was my week! Well we had a Christmas dinner last night but that's a post for tomorrow! Did you all have a good weekend? Are you excited for Christmas? I'm looking forward to seeing all my family because I haven't been home in a while, but I won't get to spend too much time at home because I have to work :(

Anyway I don't want to complain because I'm going to make the most of it because it will probably be our last Christmas as a family by ourselves because this time next year Kate and Eric will be married and probably having their own Christmas.

Hope you have a good Monday! I'll leave you with this bad boy;


  1. sounds like a fun time. Bummer about having to work so much so close to Christmas. Hope you a great Monday

  2. love this post, you've got a great blog!
    i'll be back for sure.. =]
    and thanks for your sweet comments, they mean the world!
    come back and visit the revamped COSMICaroline anytime!


  3. Aw it sounds like you had a fun-packed week! I have to work on uni stuff as well :( Lovely post x

  4. I would like to taste some Guinness, though I am definitely not a big fan of beer.. :) But it's just because I like pretty much everything in Ireland, so... :D But seems you had a great time!

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  5. Love Shack - what a great song! It certainly sounds like you guys had fun - I love all of your photos.


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